Adding Notes

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Adding Notes

You can add notes for the patient or for the specific script you are filling.


1.Any existing notes for this patient or script will appear on the right side of the screen. (If the notes are currently being hidden, you can click on the Show Notes option to view them.) You can hover over these notes to see their text, when they were added, and who added them.

2.To create a new note, click on the Add button.


You can also Edit existing notes or Delete them. (Deleting a note will not fully remove it from your records, but will archive the note and keep it from being displayed in the filling screen. You will still be able to view deleted patient notes in the Patient maintenance screen.)


3.In the note window, click on the Type drop-down and choose either Rx or Patient.

4.Enter a Title for the note, then enter the note's Text.

5.You can choose a color for the note if you want to categorize certain types of notes with certain colors. Click on the Color drop-down arrow to select an option.

6.Click on the Behavior drop-down and choose one of the following options:

a.Normal: If you choose this option, the note will appear in the Script Filling screen but will not be displayed in a pop-up.

b.Interrupt*: If you choose this option, a pop-up will appear in the Script Filling screen to show this note. (The note will be displayed along with allergy information, etc.)

c.Confirm Interrupt*: This option will not only include the note in a pop-up, but will also force the user to slide a scroll bar before closing the note. This will help ensure that the user sees the note before dismissing it.

 *NOTE: If you are filling multiple scripts for the same patient, an "Interrupting" Patient Note will only pop up on the first script that you are filling for the patient.


7.Click Save Note.


If you are adding an Rx note to a new script, the note will not actually be saved until the script has been saved. Script notes cannot be saved until a script number has been created after the filling process is complete.


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