Capturing a Script Image

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Capturing a Script Image

You can take a picture of a paper script and save the digital image. This image will be tied to the script in your records. To take a script snapshot, follow the instructions below.


You can take a picture of anything with your webcam, not only paper scripts. For example, you can take a picture of a patient's insurance card for your records. (NOTE: You will need to be using an HTTPS website to use a webcam.)


1.When entering a new script or editing a script, you can locate the "Script Picture" section on the right side of the screen. From here, you can either add a new picture or select the picture that you took for the patient's last script.

i.To use the picture that was taken for the patient's last script, click on the Last Used Rx button.

ii.To add a new image, click on the Add Picture button. A webcam window will open.

2.When taking the photo, adjust your webcam to take the shot and click on the Take Picture button. (Rather than taking a new photo, you can also click on the Upload Picture button to select an image from your files.)

3.If you want to remove the photo and take a new one, click on the Try Again button and take a new picture.

4.If you are happy with the photo, click Save Picture. The image of the prescription will be saved along with the script.


NOTE: If you are having trouble getting your webcam to work, make sure your browser is set to use the correct camera. In Chrome, you can check these settings by clicking on the camera icon in the URL bar.


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