Transactions - Card

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Transactions - Card

This screen shows a log of OpenEdge credit card transactions. You can view card transactions and void recent transactions if necessary.


To view Card Transactions:


1.Click on the Point of Sale menu item.

2.Select Transactions - Card. The Card Transactions screen will open.

3.You can filter by a date range. To do this, you can click on the Transaction Date field and choose an option (Today, Last Month, etc.) or enter a beginning and ending date in the date fields.

4.You can also filter by Status (Complete, Pending, or Void).

5.After you have chosen your parameters, a list of transactions will be shown. The amounts of the transactions will be displayed, along with their statuses, OpenEdge messages, and other information.

6.If you need to void a transaction, you can select it in the list and then click on the Void button. Only transactions that occurred during that day will be eligible for voiding. Any transactions that occurred on a previous day cannot be voided.


For transactions that occurred on previous days, you will need to process a Return in the Checkout screen. These transactions cannot be "voided" from the Card Transactions screen. However, if you have already processed a return/refund for a transaction, you can mark that transaction as "voided" from within this screen. To do this, you can click on the Mark as void button. This signifies that the transaction was resolved by other methods.


7.You can also print a credit card receipt for a specific transaction. To do this, highlight the correct transaction in the list and then click on the Print Credit Card Receipt button.


There may be some transactions in the list that are marked as "Must Resolve" items. These charges will be shown in red. This occurs when an item is charged to a patient's credit card but then that charge is not actually used in the Point of Sale transaction. In the Checkout screen, when a card transaction is applied to the sale but is then removed before the transaction is completed, it will be marked as "Must Resolve." These removed charges will NOT be automatically reversed with the credit card company. You will need to handle those reversals from within the Card Transactions screen by selecting the transaction and clicking on the Void button. (If the transaction is more than one day old, you will need to process a Return in the Checkout screen instead.) If you need to narrow the list in the Card Transactions screen to only include "Must Resolve" items, you can mark the Must resolve checkbox.


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