Patient Counseling

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Patient Counseling

In the Patient Counsel screen you can view a patient's recent scripts and look at screening information, print Patient Education, check for warnings, etc. When you have reviewed the information for each of the patient's scripts, you can mark the scripts as "Counseled."


Scripts will appear in this screen as ready for counseling if they left Workflow within the past week. This allows you to view the list of scripts that were recently given to the patient and may require patient counseling.



To counsel a patient on his or her scripts:


1.Click on the Counsel menu item. The Patient Counsel screen will open.

2.In the Search Patient, Rx# field, enter part of the patient's name to begin a search. (You can also search for a specific script number by starting your search with "rx" and then typing the script number into the search field. This will open the counseling screen to show not only the selected script but all the other scripts that are ready for that same patient.)

3.You can highlight each script in the list to view its details.

4.On the right side of the screen, you will see the highlighted script's general information. You can also click on the various tabs to view the drug image, DUR screening, Warnings, etc.

5.In the Copies field, you can enter a number of copies to print.

6.If you want to print a Patient Education sheet along with the script's label, mark the Print Patient Education checkbox.


You can click on the Patient Education button to produce a PDF file of the Patient Education sheet.


7.You can click on the Print Label button to print the label for the selected script.

8.If necessary, you can enter a note for the script or a general note.

9.When you have finished counseling for the selected script, you can click on the Counseled button. A checkmark will appear on that script in the list.


You also have the option to counsel multiple scripts at once. For example, you can mark the checkbox for any available scripts in the list and then click on the button to counsel the selected scripts (e.g., "Counsel 3 of 3 available").