Customer Portal

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Customer Portal

With the Customer Portal, your customers can access their accounts and order prescriptions online. This application was designed for specific pharmacies with specific needs. It does not apply to all types of pharmacies. If you are interested in setting up a Customer Portal, please contact our support staff for details. The instructions below describe how the portal can be used once it has been set up for your system.


When setting up your pharmacy to use the Customer Portal, a special ProPharm user will need to be created. The user's first name should be PortalUser and the surname should be LastName. This will be required for logging patient activities on the Portal.



1.Customers can access the portal by going to the appropriate web site.


NOTE: When creating a new patient, be sure to include the patient's SSN, Date of Birth, and Account Number. This information will be needed for accessing the Customer Portal. You will also need to set up a patient's Household group. (The group owner's patient Type must be set to "Employee.")


2.The customer will need a User Name and Password to log in. (There are links on the login page for the customer to get help or sign up as a new user. Contact information for your pharmacy will also be shown at the bottom of the screen.)

3.After they have logged in, your customers can follow the instructions in the following sections to use the Customer Portal.


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