Billing Cycles

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Billing Cycles

Billing Cycles allow you to group Charge Accounts together for billing purposes. You might create cycles to handle billing on certain days of the month or because certain accounts are being exported together.


To create a Billing Cycle:


1.Click on the Point of Sale menu item.

2.Select Billing Cycles. The Cycle Maintenance screen will open.

3.Click on the Create New Cycle option to enter a new Billing Cycle. (You can also search for existing cycles under the Search Cycle field.)

4.Enter a Title for this Billing Cycle.

5.To use this cycle with Charge Accounts in your system, leave the Active option checked.

6.To make this cycle the default option, mark the Default checkbox. (Please note that only one cycle should be listed as the default.) When a default Charge Account is set up for a patient, this is the cycle that will be selected automatically.

7.Click Save.


You will now be able to tie Charge Accounts to this Billing Cycle.


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