Date Field Fast Keys

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Date Field Fast Keys

There are many places throughout ProPharm where a Date field allows you to choose a specific day. To select a date, you can click on the calendar icon next to the date field and choose a date from the calendar. You can also type directly into a date field to select a date. When typing in a date field, there are several "fast key" options available.


These "fast key" options will work on date fields throughout ProPharm.


oT — Selects today's date

o+1 — Selects tomorrow's date (+2 will select two days in the future, +3 moves forward three days, etc.)

o-1 — Selects yesterday's date (-2 moves back two days, -3 moves back three days, etc.)

o10 — Tenth day of the month (You can type any number that correlates to a day of the current month and that date will be selected.)

o1/10 — Day/Month format (You can type the day and month, then the current year will be selected automatically.)

o1/10/29 — Day/Month/Year format (You can type the Year either in four digits or in two. If you use two digits, ProPharm will assume that years before "31" will be in the 21st century, e.g., "2030." Years of "31" and later will be calculated as 20th century dates—e.g., "1931.")