Default Messages

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Default Messages

There may be messages that need to be sent frequently to many different patients (e.g., "Your prescriptions are ready"). You can set up standard messages that users can quickly choose from a drop-down list when they are sending messages. Of course, users can also enter custom messages if necessary.


These messages can be used for both text messages and emails.




How Do I Enter a Default Message?

How Do I Send a Default Message?


Please remember that no HIPAA information should be entered into a default message.



How Do I Enter a Default Message?

1.Click on the System menu item.

2.Select Default Messages. The Default Message Maintenance screen will open.

3.Click on the Create New Default Message option. (To edit an existing message rather than creating a new one, you can search for the correct message in the "Search Default Message" sidebar.)

4.Make sure the Active option is checked.

5.Enter the desired Text.

6.When you are ready, click Save.


Enter as many default messages as are necessary for your pharmacy system.



How Do I Send a Default Message?

Whenever you are sending a message to a patient, you will be able to select one of your pre-set default messages from a drop-down search list. (You can also enter a custom message if necessary.)


1.For example, when you are working in the Patient Profile and want to send a message, you can go to the patient's "card" in the upper left corner of the screen.

2.From this card, you can click on the Message option. This will open the Message Patient window.

3.Click inside the Message field. A drop-down list of default message options will appear. If necessary, you can begin typing part of the message to narrow the search list.

4.After you have selected a default message, click on the Send Message button.