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In the Bank Deposit screen, you can bring together batches and group them into a deposit. This screen will allow you to combine all the register batches from the day, form them into a bank deposit, and print a deposit slip.


To create a deposit:


1.Click on the Point of Sale menu item.

2.Select Deposit. The Bank Deposit screen will open.

3.All of the register batches that are currently open will be listed in the Open Batches section.

4.Click on all of the batches that you want to include in your bank deposit. Each batch that you click on will be moved to the Selected Batches section.

5.When you have selected all the necessary batches, click on the Deposit selected Batches button.

6.A Print Slip window will appear. This window will tell you the number of batches that have been deposited. If you want to print a Deposit Slip, click Yes.

7.When you choose to print, the Deposit Slip preview screen will appear. You can review the Deposit Slip and click on the printing icon to print the information.

8.Click Close to return to the Bank Deposit screen.


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