Entering Dates

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Entering Dates

There are several dates tied to each script that is filled. The Written Date will appear at the top of the Script Filling screen and will be set, by default, to the current date. You can change the date if necessary.


To view or edit all of the dates tied to the script, click on the View All Dates option.



What is the Written Date?

What is the Fill Date?

What is the Expiration Date?

What is the Admin Date?

Date Fast Keys



What is the Written Date?

The Written Date appears at the top of the filling screen. This is the date that the prescription was written by the doctor. The Written Date field will automatically show today's date but you can select a previous date if necessary.


The Written Date will always be shown in the Script Filling screen. To view the other date fields, click on the View All Dates option.



What Is the Fill Date?

The Fill Date is the date that a prescription is filled. Today's date will be automatically selected in the Fill field. You can select another date if necessary.



What is the Expiration Date?

The Expiration Date represents the last day that the script will remain active and refillable. A default date may be shown, which is determined in the System Options screen. To select another date, type the correct date into the Expiration field.



What is the Admin Date?

The Administration Date applies to Hold scripts and Refills.


Hold Scripts:

You can enter a script but place it on "Hold" in order to be filled later. The Admin date will be used to determine when the script will be available to the customer. (Basically, this is the date the customer will be receiving the first fill for the script.)



The Admin date also allows the pharmacy to specify when a patient's refill is due. ProPharm will set the date for a refill based on the following formula:

(Previous fill's Admin date) + (Day Supply when the script is picked up)


The Admin date will be used in conjunction with the Percentage of Time before Refill is Allowed option. (Follow the link for more information on this setting.)



Date Fast Keys

To select a date, you can click on the calendar icon and choose a date from the calendar. You can also type directly into the date field to select a date. When typing in the date field, there are several "fast key" options available.


These "fast key" options will work on date fields throughout ProPharm, not only in the Script Filling screen.


oT — Selects today's date

o+1 — Selects tomorrow's date (+2 will select two days in the future, +3 moves forward three days, etc.)

o-1 — Selects yesterday's date (-2 moves back two days, -3 moves back three days, etc.)

o10 — Tenth day of the month (You can type any number that correlates to a day of the current month and that date will be selected.)

o1/10 — Day/Month format (You can type the day and month, then the current year will be selected automatically.)

o1/10/29 — Day/Month/Year format (You can type the Year either in four digits or in two. If you use two digits, ProPharm will assume that years before "31" will be in the 21st century, e.g., "2030." Years of "31" and later will be calculated as 20th century dates—e.g., "1931.")


These "fast key" options generally work for date fields throughout ProPharm. There are a few fields related to drug lot dates (e.g., the "Manual Fill" Workflow task and Receive Inventory) that allow users to enter a month/year (e.g., "2/22" would mean "02/[current day of the month]/2022").


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