Entering Quantities

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Entering Quantities

Once you have entered drug information for the script, choose the appropriate quantities.



How Do I Enter the Drug Quantity for this Script?

oWhat are Packs?

How Do I Add More Specific Quantity Information?

oWhat is the Dispense Quantity?

oWhat is the Original Quantity?

oWhat is the Refill Quantity?

How Do I Enter the Number of Refills for this Script?



How Do I Enter the Drug Quantity for this Script?

In the Quantity field, type the number of units (pills, capsules, etc.). Press Tab to move to the next field.


By default, the Quantity dispensed in this fill will be chosen for the next fill (meaning this amount will be entered automatically for a refill, rollover, etc.). However, you can change the Dispense Quantity on the next fill if necessary.



What are Packs?

In some cases, the drug you are dispensing may be set up to be given in packs rather than individual units. If a specific "Dispense Quantity" has been entered in the Drug record, the Quantity field will be replaced with a Packs field. The amount contained in one package of the drug will be shown in the Package Size field just above it. In this case, do not enter the number of individual units. Enter the number of packs being filled. (e.g., if the Package Size is "28" you can enter a "1" in the Packs field to dispense 28 individual pills.)


Filling for "packs" does not change pricing or insurance submissions. This is simply a different way to display the quantity information.



How Do I Add More Specific Quantity Information?

If you need to enter a different quantity for the original fill than for a refill, click on the Other Quantities button and follow the instructions below. Once you have clicked on this button, the Quantity field will be replaced by three more specific fields; Dispense Qty, Original Qty, and Refill Qty.


These detailed quantity fields will appear during the refill process.



What is the Dispense Quantity?

The Dispense Qty field represents the amount of medication that is currently being dispensed.


What is the Original Quantity?

The Original Quantity is the amount of medication that was originally prescribed by the doctor. By default, this field will show the same amount that is entered in the Dispense Qty field, but it can be changed if necessary.


What is the Refill Quantity?

The Refill Quantity will also default to the same amount as the Dispense Qty, but this amount can be changed as needed. (A doctor may sometimes write a script with one quantity for the original fill and a different amount for subsequent fills.)


This field will generally represent the amount that should be included in each refill, but this may not always be the case. For example, if you dispense 30 pills for the original fill and set a Refill Qty of "90," when you refill the script, the Dispense Qty for the refill will default to 90 pills. However, you can change that Default Quantity if necessary. Then, for any subsequent fills, the Dispense Qty will default to whatever amount was dispensed on the previous fill.



The "Total Quantity Due" is the amount of medicine that a patient expects to receive over the life of the script. When the Total Quantity Due has been dispensed, the script is essentially finished. This value is independent of the number of times that the script is filled.  It is calculated by taking the value for Original Quantity and adding the prescribed Refill Quantity multiplied by the prescribed number of Refills. Total Qty Due = Original Qty + (Refill Qty * Refills)



How Do I Enter the Number of Refills for this Script?

The Refills field allows you to enter the number of refills that are available for the prescription. Each time a new fill is completed, ProPharm will calculate the number of refills still remaining for this script.


If you are filling a PRN ("as needed") script, click on the Set Refills PRN option. You will not need to enter a number of refills for this type of script.



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