Example: Set Prices

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Example: Set Prices

Pricing Tables can be set up in a wide variety of ways. You can create pricing for specific types of scripts and situations. For example, you can set up a specific pricing formula for sales up to one amount and then use a different formula for larger amounts. This chapter will not explain how to set up each type of Pricing Table. Instead, it will focus on creating a "Set Prices" table. For other types of Pricing Tables, please contact our support staff for assistance.


To create a Set (or "Fixed") Price Table:


1.Click on the System menu item.

2.Select Pricing Tables. The Pricing Table screen will open.

3.Click on the Create New Pricing button.

4.Enter a Name (max: 5 characters).

5.Enter a Description (e.g., "Set Prices").

6.In the Cost Basis field, click on the drop-down arrow and select "Generic Cost 1."


NOTE: Pricing Tables can use a variety of Cost Basis types. The "Generic" Cost Basis will work for this particular table, but many others may be necessary in your pharmacy. Please contact our support staff for help with setting up other types of Pricing Tables.


7.Leave the Break Type set to "Quantity."


This is an example of how the Record Info tab can be set up for a "Set Prices" table.


8.Click Save.

9.Click on the Pricing Tiers tab.

10.Click on the Add New option.

11.In the Upper Limit field, enter a large amount (e.g., 999999).

12.Enter "1" in the Factor field.

13.Enter "0" in the Fee field.

14.Click Save.


This is how the Pricing Tier tab can be set up for a "Set Prices" table.


Please remember that these settings only apply to a "Set Prices" table. This type of pricing can be used for drugs with a fixed price. To set up other types of Pricing Tables, please contact our support staff.


15.Click on the Maintenance menu item.

16.Select Drugs. The Drug maintenance screen will open.

17.Use the search field to select the correct drug.

18.Click on the Pricing tab.

19.You can choose pricing options for each NDC for this Drug Type. For each NDC that will use this Pricing Table, click Add New Override.

20.For each NDC that will be using your "Set Prices" table, click on the Pricing System drop-down. Select the correct Pricing System.

21.For each of these NDCs, search in the Pricing Table field for your set prices option (e.g., "setpr").


See the example above for setting up Pricing Overrides for a "Set Price" drug.


The overrides you have just entered will force these NDCs to use your "Set Prices" table when calculating what to charge a customer for these drugs.


22.Click on the NDCs (Package Drugs) tab.

23.Each of the Drug Type's NDCs will be listed under this tab. Click on each NDC that will be using this Pricing Table and follow the instructions below.

24.Enter the Purchase Quantity (this is the amount contained in one bottle of the drug).

25.In the Generic Cost 1 field, enter the cost for the selected Purchase Quantity.


See the example above for setting up an NDC for a "Set Price." This example (a birth control medication) is described below.


The example above represents settings for a birth control medication where each fill costs $20. If it costs $120.00 for the Purchase Quantity of 168, then each time 28 tablets are dispensed, the Price Table will divide 120 by 6 (meaning 28 tabs = $20).


26.When you have entered these settings, click Save. Repeat this process for each NDC using the Pricing Table.