Deleting Scripts

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Deleting Scripts

By using the Delete option, you can remove a fill from a patient's profile. A record of this fill will remain in the system, but the information will no longer clutter the Patient Profile in the Script Filling screen.


To delete a fill from a patient's profile:


1.Enter the patient's name (or search for a particular script by typing "Rx" followed by the script number) and find the correct script in the Patient Profile.

2.Highlight the correct script and click on the Preview Script button. The Preview window will open, and all of the patient's fills for this drug will appear on the left.


The Preview screen should be displaying the most recent fill for this script. Only the most recent fill of a script can be deleted. If you need to view a previous fill, locate it on the left side of the screen and click on the small Preview button beside it. (Please note that the "most recent fill" is determined first by the Fill Date and then, in cases where both fills have the same Fill Date, by the Fill Sequence.)


3.If necessary, click on the View Claim option (found under Options) to reverse any approved insurance claim for this fill.

4.Click on the Options button and then select Delete. The Delete Fill window will open.

5.Enter a Reason for the deletion. (You can search for a Reason in the Reason Code field or you can enter a free-text reason into the Reason Text field.)

6.If you are ready to delete, click on the Submit button.

7.A confirmation window will appear. To continue, click Confirm Submission. You will be returned to the filling screen, showing the script's information with a "deleted" message at the top of the screen.


For scripts with multiple fills, you can delete each refill individually. Only by deleting the original fill can you remove the entire script.



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