Discontinuing Scripts

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Discontinuing Scripts

Rather than simply deleting a script, you can choose to discontinue it. Discontinued scripts will remain in the patient profile, but will be marked as "Discontinued." You cannot edit or refill a script once it has been discontinued, but you still have the option to roll over the script.


To discontinue a script:

1.Open the Script Filling screen.

2.Enter the patient's name in the search field. (You can also choose a specific script by typing "rx" followed by the script number.)

3.When the patient's profile appears, select the correct script and click on the Preview Script button. The Preview window will open.


The Preview screen should be displaying the latest fill for this script. If you need to discontinue an earlier fill, locate it on the left side of the screen and click on the small Preview button beside it.


4.Click on the Options button and then select Discontinue. A confirmation window will appear.

5.Enter a Reason for discontinuing the fill. (You can search for a Reason in the Reason Code field or you can enter a free-text reason into the Reason Text field.)

6.Click Submit.

7.A confirmation window will appear. To continue, click Confirm Submission. You will be returned to the filling screen, showing the script's information with a "DC" message at the top of the screen.


You can also Discontinue scripts directly from the Patient Profile screen by clicking on the gear icon for the selected script and choosing the D/C Script option.


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