Editing Scripts

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Editing Scripts

You can edit existing scripts from the Preview screen. To make changes to a script, follow the instructions below.



How Do I Edit a Script?

How Do I Edit a Script's Pricing Information?

Can I View Individual Fills for a Script?

Reversing Insurance Claims



How Do I Edit a Script?

1.Enter the patient's name (or search for a particular script by typing "Rx" followed by the script number) and find the correct script in the Patient Profile.

2.Highlight the correct script and click on the Preview Script button. The Preview window will open. (The individual fills will be displayed on the left. By default, the latest fill should be selected automatically, but you can edit other fills as well.)

3.When you have chosen a fill, click on the Edit button.


Some fields may be locked down if the fill you are editing has already been picked up, submitted to insurance, etc. If you begin editing a fill and need to make changes to fields that are locked down, you can click on the Unlock button. A warning message will appear detailing any relevant issues with editing the fill (e.g., "This script has already been picked up"). You can mark each of the checkboxes in this window to acknowledge the individual warnings. Then click on the Proceed to Edit button to continue.


4.Make the necessary changes to the fill. You can change details in the fields throughout the screen or you can click on the View Pricing Info button to make changes to the script's price.

5.When you have finished editing the fill, click on the Save button. The new information will be saved for this fill.


Please note that editing will be limited for the ORIGINAL fill of a script that already has refills which have been picked up. You will only be able to edit Insurance and Pricing information.


On scripts that have been sent to a Dispensing Machine, you will only be able to edit Insurance and Pricing Information. For full editing capabilities, you will first need to cancel the order at the Dispensing Machine.



How Do I Edit a Script's Pricing Information?

You can adjust the script's pricing information by clicking on the View Pricing Info button. This will open the "Pricing Results" window. From here, you can edit the Price Table being used to calculate the script's price. You can also manually enter a new Figured Price.


There is also a Re-Cost option in the "Pricing Results" window when you are editing a script. If you click on this button, the current Acquisition Cost for the drug will be used, rather than the original Acquisition Cost for the fill. (This may be useful if there was some problem with the original data and an abnormally high Acquisition Cost was used, etc.)


Please note that changes made in the "Pricing Results" window will not be saved until you click on the Save button in the Script Filling screen.



Can I View Individual Fills for a Script?

When you Preview a script, the side panel of the Script Filling screen will display each of the patient's fills for that drug. You can click on the small Preview button to look at any of these individual fills. You can edit each fill as needed.



Reversing Insurance Claims

If you make any significant changes to a script, and that script has an insurance claim, the claim should be reversed. When relevant changes are made, ProPharm will attempt to reverse the claim automatically (unless you uncheck the Process Claim checkbox). If the claim cannot be auto-reversed for some reason, a warning message will appear. In that case, you can go to the Claim Verify window to reverse the claim manually. Then you can resubmit the edited script.


If any of the following information is changed on a script, the insurance claim should be reversed automatically:



Cost Basis

DAW Code

Day Supply

Dispensing Fee

Dispensed Drug

Prescribed Drug

Figured Price

Fill Date


Patient Copay

Patient Payer Due

Fill Quantity

Fill Tax

Total Due

Fill Unit

Usual Price

Doctor ID

Doctor's Clinic

Authorizing Doctor ID

Authorizing Doctor's Clinic

Drug DEA Schedule

Rx Form Number

Script Origin

Original Quantity



Refills Remaining

Written Date


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