Printing Labels

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Printing Labels

When you are inspecting a script, you can choose to print (or re-print) that script's label. Follow the instructions below.


If you have not set up a printer on your system, please contact our support staff for more information on printing options.


1.In the Script Filling screen, select the correct patient in the search field. The patient's profile will open.

2.Choose the correct script from the list and click Preview Script. (If the script has multiple fills, the latest fill will be displayed and each of the previous fills for that drug will appear on the left side of the screen. You can click the smaller Preview button by each past fill to view it.)

3.Click on the Print button. The Print Label window will open.

4.You can view the script's insurance and pricing information.

5.If necessary, you can mark the checkbox to Print Patient Education information along with the label.


If you mark the Print Patient Education checkbox and then click Print, the Patient Education information will be printed along with the label. If you want to create a separate PDF document of the Patient Education rather than print it on the label, you can click on the Patient Education button toward the bottom of the window.


6.You can click on the Print Preview option if you want to create a PDF document rather than printing the label. If this option is selected, when you click Print, a PDF file will be created with the label information (and, if you so choose, the Patient Education text). You can view this PDF document to see the label without printing it.

7.Enter the number of copies you want to print and click on the Print button.


You can also print script labels directly from the Patient Profile screen by clicking on the gear icon for the selected script and choosing the Print Label option.


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