Rolling Over Scripts

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Rolling Over Scripts

By using the Rollover option, you can discontinue a script and create a new script with similar information. The new script will have a unique script number.


To find a script and roll it over:


1.Open the Script Filling screen.

2.Enter the patient's name in the search field. (You can also choose a specific script by typing "rx" followed by the script number.)

3.When the Patient Profile appears, scroll through the list of scripts to locate the correct option.

4.Highlight the correct script and click on the Preview Script button. The script information will appear.

5.Click on the Options button and then select Rollover.

6.The current date will be entered automatically as the Written Date. (The default Expiration date will be based on your System Options. For example, it may be one year after the Written Date.) The dates can be changed if necessary.

7.Adjust the script's information as needed.

8.Click on the Save button. The script will appear in the Patient Profile with a new script number.


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