ICD-10 Overrides

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ICD-10 Overrides

If you are submitting a claim that uses an ICD-9 code, you will need to set specific overrides to convert the code to an ICD-10 code. Follow the instructions below to set up the ICD-10 overrides on a claim.


1.In the Patient Profile, choose the script with the claim that needs to be adjusted.

2.Click on the Preview Script button.


The Preview window should automatically display the latest fill for the script. If necessary, you can locate a previous fill on the left side of the screen and Preview that fill instead.


3.Click on the Options button and select View Claim.

4.The Claim Verify window will appear. This window will show the claim(s) for the script.

5.Locate the correct claim and click on the Add Override button.

6.Find the Diagnosis Code - DO override and click on the drop-down arrow. Select Custom.

7.In the text field next to the Diagnosis Code drop-down, enter the specific ICD-10 code that you will be submitting.

8.Locate the Magic override and enter WE-02 in the text field.

9.Click Close. The claim can now be submitted with the chosen ICD-10 code.



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