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The Maintenance menu allows you to view and edit your pharmacy records. From this menu, you can manage your patient, drug, and doctor records. You can also edit insurance information and keep track of external pharmacies. Review the topics below for details.







Other Pharmacies

Non-Prescribed Inventory



When adding or editing records in a Maintenance screen (drugs, doctor records, etc.) you can set a field's default value. This means that the value you have entered in that specific field will be set as the default whenever a new record is added. For example, when setting up insurance records, if you always want the Pharmacy ID Qualifier to be the NPI, you can choose that option, then click on the More button at the bottom of the screen. A Set Default button will appear next to all the fields in the screen. You can click on the Set Default button next to the Pharmacy ID Qualifier to select the NPI option as the default for this field going forward. (There is also a Hide button for optional fields. You can click on this button if you do not want users to see a particular field on the screen.)


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