Medi-Span Hardstop/Screening Override

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Medi-Span Hardstop/Screening Override

You can choose to stop users from filling scripts if issues are found during the Medi-Span screening process. A Workflow stage can be created to require users to enter a password before they close the Medi-Span warning window. (The password for this scenario can be entered in the Options screen.) You can choose which type of screening results will demand a password.


To set up a Medi-Span Hardstop:


1.Click on the System menu item.

2.Select Workflow Setup. The Workflow Setup screen will open.

3.Click on the New Stage button.

4.Enter a Name for the stage (e.g., "Medi-Span Hardstop").

5.You can also enter a Description.

6.In the Workflow field, search for the correct Workflow.

7.Click on the Type drop-down arrow and select "Automatic."

8.In the Sequence field, you will probably want to give the stage an earlier sequence number than any "Print Label" or "Submit Claim" stages you have created. (This will prevent unnecessary printing and submitting from happening if a user decides that the medication should not be given to the patient.)

9.Make sure the Required For Checkout and Active options are selected.

10.Click Save.

11.Click on the Requirements tab.

12.Click Add New.


In this example, we will add all of the "Precaution" requirements. This means users will be stopped for all different kinds of Medi-Span precautions. These requirements are given only as examples. You can choose any requirements that are needed for your system (Major Interaction, ExtremeCaution Precaution, etc.).


13.You can add the following requirements to the stage:

a.NotRecommended Precaution

b.Informational Precaution

c.Contraindicated Precaution

d.UseCautiously Precaution

e.ExtremeCaution Precaution


14.Enter each of the above requirements (one at a time) into the Entry Requirement field.

15.Then add a Grouping number. Make sure each of these requirements has a unique Grouping number. NOTE: Do NOT use "0" for any of the Grouping numbers.

16.After entering each requirement, click Save and enter the next. Enter any precautions that you want to stop users in your pharmacy.

17.When you have entered the requirements, click on the Tasks tab.

18.Click Add New.

19.In the Task field, click on the drop-down arrow and select the "Screening Override" option.

20.Click Save.

21.Next, click on the System menu item again.

22.Select Options.

23.Scroll down to The Password to Override Screening Interactions.

24.Check to make sure the correct password is entered in this field. This is the password that qualified users will need to enter to dismiss the Medi-Span warning if any of these precautions appear in the filling screen.

25.Click Save.