Medi-Span Options

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Medi-Span Options

You can locate your Medi-Span settings by clicking on the System menu item and selecting Medi-Span Options. In this screen, you can set up your Medi-Span screening filters and preferences.





Drug-Drug Documentation and Drug-Food Documentation

Drug-Drug Interaction and Drug-Food Interaction

Disable Screening

Warning Labels




Early and Late Compliance screening determines if scripts are being refilled at the appropriate time. If a script is being refilled too soon or if it is overdue, a Compliance screening error will be triggered. You can enter the amount of time that can expire BEFORE or AFTER the appropriate time for the refill. Warnings will not be triggered if the refill is given within the "allowance" time.


Early Allowance Days: Here you can enter a number of days before a refill is due that it can be given without triggering a warning.

Early Allowance Percent: Rather than choosing a number of days, you can choose a percent of the Days Supply that will need to be used up before a refill can be given without triggering a warning.

Late Allowance Days: You can choose a number of days after the refill is due before a late warning will appear for the refill.

Late Allowance Percent: You can also specify when late refills should be allowed based on a percentage of the Days Supply rather than a number of days.




You can choose the level of severity that will trigger a contraindication warning. You can also use the checkboxes in this section to filter specific types of contraindication.


In the Minimum Contraindication Severity Level field, click on the drop-down and select one of the levels (e.g., Informational, Not Recommended, Extreme Caution). Only contraindications at this level of severity or higher will cause an alert.

There is also an option in this section to Screen ADE. You can uncheck this option if you do not wish to perform ADE screening.

Next, you can choose to include/exclude specific types of contraindications (e.g., Screen Age Contraindications, Screen Disease Contraindications, etc.).



Drug-Drug Documentation and Drug-Food Documentation

For each level of interaction (Major, Moderate, or Minor) you can choose the level of documentation that will be required to prompt that level of screening alert.


The levels are as follows (in order of severity):







For example, you may choose to show a Major interaction whenever the interaction is listed by Medi-Span as "Possible." And you may decide to show Minor interactions if they are listed by Medi-Span as "Probable." Whatever level you choose, that level of documentation and every level above it will be shown.



Drug-Drug Interaction and Drug-Food Interaction

Severity Levels

You can choose whether to include different severity levels in your interaction screening. Mark the checkboxes to select the levels of interaction you want to screen (e.g., Minor or Moderate).


Monograph Filter

The Minimum Management Level option is related to the monographs that can be displayed for alerts in the DUR Results screen. You can click on one of the screening results to view a monograph with detailed information. You can use the drop-down options discussed below to turn off types of results that you do not want to see in that area.


The following levels are listed:

oProfessional Intervention Required

oProfessional Review Suggested

oPotential Interaction Risk


The level that you select in this field will be the minimum that will be shown. For example, if you choose "Professional Review Suggested," both Professional Review Suggested and Professional Intervention Required will be shown. However, if you select "Professional Intervention Required," only these alerts will appear (as this is the highest level).



Disable Screening

If you do not wish to perform any Medi-Span screening at all, there is a checkbox under the "No Screening" section that allows you to Disable Screening. If you check this box, no screening will be performed.


This option may be useful in situations where the Medi-Span API is down, preventing screening from occurring as normal. In these circumstances, users would receive an error when attempting to fill scripts. With this option, you can disable all Medi-Span screening so that users can continue to fill scripts until the problem is resolved. At that point, you can uncheck the Disable Screening option and continue Medi-Span screening.



Warning Labels

You can choose whether to Print Opioid Warning Labels. If this option is selected, an opioid warning will print before the other label information for opioid scripts.