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Message Processing

The Message Processing screen allows you to view your pharmacy's text message history with a particular phone number. From this screen, you can respond to patients' text messages and queue refills for the patient.


In order for patients to send text messages to your pharmacy, you will need to contact our support staff to set up the necessary texting service. After this has been done, your pharmacy can receive incoming texts from patients.


Follow the instructions below to use the Message Processing screen.


1.Open the Message Processing screen by double-clicking on a message in the Messaging Center.

2.When you open the Message Processing screen, you will see the text message history between your pharmacy and the selected phone number.

a.If the number is already tied to a patient, that patient's information will be displayed along with their prescription profile.

b.If the number is not tied to a patient, you can search for the correct patient in the Patient search field.

c.If multiple patients have the same phone number, a banner will appear above the texting history warning you of this issue and listing the patients with this number. You can view each of the patients in the Patient Maintenance screen to edit the records as needed.


If you select a patient from the search field, a pop-up window will appear asking you if this phone number should be saved as the selected patient's Preferred Phone number. If so, click Yes. (If the patient already had a different number listed as their Preferred Phone, the previous number will be moved under the Contact Info tab in the Patient record and the new number will be saved as the preferred option.


3.To send a reply to the patient's message, click inside the text field underneath the message history. Any Default Messages that you have set up for your pharmacy will appear in a drop-down list. You can select one of these options or enter a free-text message. (You can also click on the plus icon to enter a new Default Message.)

4.When you have entered the needed text, click on the Send Message button.


If the pharmacy user that is sending a text message has Initials entered in their User record, these initials will be displayed next to the text message along with the time the message was sent.


5.If the patient is texting to request a refill, you can use this screen to select the correct script and queue a refill.

a.In the patient's profile (on the left side of the screen), you can click on the correct script. (You can also queue multiple refills at the same time by marking the checkbox next to each of the requested scripts in the profile.)

b.Select an option in the Due fields to determine how high of a priority this fill should be given in the queue. (For more information, see the Entering a Due Date/Time section below.)

c.Then click on the Queue Refill button. The refill will be sent to the appropriate Workflow stage for requested fills.



Entering a Due Date/Time

When you are queueing a fill from the Message Processing screen, you can select the date and time that the fill will be due. Please note that users will not be prompted to process the fill at the specified time. This due date simply allows fills to be ordered correctly in the Requested Refills Workflow stage. If your Workflow system uses Stage Priority Levels, items in the Workflow stage can be color coded to let users know how much time is remaining until the items are due.


The Due options are located beneath the Notes field. You can click on the drop-down arrow and select one of the options listed below. These options will be adjusted depending on the time of day when you are working. (You can also manually enter a custom date and time in the fields to the right of this drop-down.)


oProcess Next: If you select this option, the fill will be placed at the top of the list in the Workflow stage.

oWaiting: This option means that the patient is waiting and the fill should be processed as soon as possible.

oOne Hour: This sets the due date/time to one hour from the current time.

oNoon: This option sets the due date/time to around 12:00 PM on the current date.

oAfternoon: This option sets the due date/time to around 2:00 PM on the current date.

oEnd of Today: This option sets the due date/time to around 4:00 PM on the current date.

oTomorrow Morning: This option sets the due date/time to around 10:00 AM on the following day.

oTomorrow Noon: This option sets the due date/time to around 12:00 PM on the following day.

oTomorrow Afternoon: This option sets the due date/time to around 2:00 PM on the following day.


Please be aware that these times are only used to prioritize the fills within the Workflow stage. Fills that are due sooner will be placed higher in the queue. If multiple fills are scheduled for the same time (e.g., "Afternoon"), each subsequent fill that is scheduled for that time will have one minute added to the due time (e.g., "2:01"). This will allow fills to be scheduled for a general time of the day but will keep them in order based on when they were queued. Specific color coding based on the amount of time until an item is due can be set up in the Workflow Maintenance screen under the Stage Priority Levels tab.



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