Payment Types

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Payment Types

In this screen, you can set up the different Payment Types that will be available in the Checkout screen.


To enter a new Payment Type:


1.Click on the Point of Sale menu item.

2.Select Payment Types. The Payment Type Maintenance screen will open.

3.To add a Payment Type, click on the Create New Payment Type option. (If you are not adding a new type but you are editing an existing one, you can choose the correct Payment Type from the search list on the right side of the screen.)

4.Enter a Title for this Payment Type (e.g., Cash, Credit Cards, etc.).

5.You can also enter a Description.

6.Give this Payment Type a Short Code. (This is what will appear on the button in the Checkout screen. Users will click on this button to enter payments of this type.)

7.The List Order field determines the order in which payment buttons will be shown in the Checkout screen. The payment type with the smallest number in the List Order field will appear at the far left of the list in the Checkout screen. As the numbers rise, the buttons will appear farther to the right in the list.

8.In the Payment Type field, click on the drop-down arrow and select one of the payment type options (Cash, Charge, Check, Manual Bill, etc.).

9.If your pharmacy uses OpenEdge for credit card payments (using the Ingenico card reader), be sure to mark the Use OpenEdge checkbox when setting up a credit card Payment Type. This is the method for processing credit card payments from within ProPharm.


When setting up a credit card Payment Type, be sure to set the Payment Type field to "Credit or FSA." The "Charge" Payment Type is used for student charge accounts, etc.


10.To allow this Payment Type to be used in the Checkout screen, mark the Use in Payments checkbox.

11.To use this Payment Type when processing returns, mark the Use in Returns checkbox.

12.You will also need to make sure the Active checkbox is selected. If you later decide to stop using this Payment Type, you can unmark this checkbox.

13.When you have entered the needed information, click Save.


The "Manual Bill" Payment Type is unique in that it allows users to complete the checkout process and remove the script from Workflow but does not submit a payment.  A payment is recorded in ProPharm but it is assumed that the pharmacy will manually handle the collection of the payment in some other way.



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