PDMP Reporting Information

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PDMP Reporting Information

The chapter below offers general information on how PDMP reporting works in ProPharm. For more details and for help setting up this type of service, please contact our support staff.


The PDMP service has two parts: the File Generator and the File Submitter.


File Generator

This service runs at midnight. The service checks for scripts that were picked up during that day for DEA Schedules that the pharmacy's state requires reporting on. (There is also an option to run this service weekly rather than daily.) If any records are found, the files for those scripts will be generated based on the state's ASAP version and file name. (In version 2.2.5 and later, if no records are found, ProPharm can automatically generate a zero report. In previous versions of the software, users were required to manually submit zero reports on their state's PDMP web site.)


The files that are generated will be stored in a designated folder that our support staff will create as part of the service setup (C:\ProgramData\Kalos\ProPharmOnePlus\PMP\).



File Submitter

The second aspect of this process connects to the state PDMP's SFTP server to upload the files that were generated. (If there are any issues connecting to the SFTP and uploading a file, the pharmacy will be notified in the Notification Center.)