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Portal Profile

The Portal Profile screens allows pharmacists to view the profile as it would be seen by a customer logging into the Customer Portal.


To view the Portal Profile:


1.Click on the Tools menu item.

2.Select Portal Profile. The Portal Profile View will open.

3.Start typing in the search field to find the correct patient. (If the search field is not shown, click on the magnifying glass icon to display it.)

4.Select the patient from the search list. The patient's scripts will appear.

5.These scripts will be shown as they would be shown to the patient on the Customer Portal.




If you believe a patient's scripts should be shown on the Customer Portal but you cannot find those scripts on the Portal Profile tool, it may be because the patient has not logged into the Customer Portal for the first time. When a patient first logs into the Customer Portal, an "Access Group" is created. If a patient has never logged into the Portal, this Access Group will not have been created and the patient's scripts will not appear in the Portal Profile.


To work around this problem, you can create an Access Group manually from the Patient maintenance screen. Follow the "How Do I Add a Group?" instructions in the Patient maintenance chapter, and be sure to set the Group Type to "Access."



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