Previewing Scripts

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Previewing Scripts

After you have selected a specific script from a patient's profile, you can click on the Preview Script button. This will open the script and allow you to view its details. From within the Script Preview screen, you can take one of the following actions:


Print the Script Label: Print a label for the selected script

Delete the Script: Remove the script from the patient's profile

Return to Stock: Put the script on Hold and return the script's drugs to your inventory

Discontinue the Script: Stop the script but leave it in the patient's profile (Discontinued scripts can be rolled over if necessary.)

Roll Over the Script: Discontinue this script and create a new one with similar information

Request Refills: Send a request for refills to the prescribing doctor (This option will also appear automatically whenever you attempt to refill a script that has no quantity due.)

Process the Claim: Send claims to third parties

Edit the Script: Make changes to existing scripts

View Workflow History: See what Workflow tasks have been completed for the script.


When you preview a script with multiple fills, the latest fill should be selected automatically. Each fill for that drug will be listed on the left side of the Preview screen. (The fill you have open will be marked as "Viewing.") You can click the small Preview button by each fill to view its details.


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