Purchase Orders

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Purchase Orders

You can generate and print Purchase Orders from the Purchase Orders screen. Follow the instructions below to generate a PO.


In the Drug maintenance screen, you can set up your drugs with specific Reorder Points and Stocking Levels to determine when they should be reordered and how much should be ordered.


1.Click on the Tools menu item.

2.Select Purchase Orders. The "Generate Purchase Order" screen will open.

3.Enter a Purchase Order Number.

4.If you will be ordering legend drugs, you can mark the Order Prescribed Drugs option.

5.You can also enter the specific DEA Schedules that should be included in the order. Enter the correct numbers into the DEA Schedule Filter.

6.You also have the option to Order Non-Prescribed Items.

7.Enter any necessary Notes.

8.When you are ready, click Generate. An option to print the generated PO will appear.

9.Click on the Print Report button to view your Purchase Order. The PO should show all of the drugs that are ready to be reordered.


This information is based on your Reorder Points and Stocking Levels for each drug. The Purchase Order will show this information and will calculate the Order Amount for any drugs that are ready to be reordered.


10.You can then save or print your PO from the report preview screen.


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