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Receive Inventory

When drug shipments are received or anytime new inventory is added, you can enter the necessary information in the Receive Inventory screen. To open this screen, click on the Tools menu item and select Receive Inventory.


Entering inventory in this screen will allow you to keep accurate True Cost records. Any time you adjust your onhand quantities, you can enter the new inventory amounts in this screen. The cost information that you enter here will help ensure the new inventory is priced correctly.




How Do I Add a New Batch?

How Do I Void a Batch?

Where are the Inventory Items Posted?

How Do I Look at Existing Batches?



How Do I Add a New Batch?

Inventory items that are received by your pharmacy can be contained within Inventory Batches. Each batch lists the individual items that have been received. To create a new batch, follow the instructions below.


1.Click on the Tools menu item.

2.Select Receive Inventory.

3.Click on the Create New Batch button.


If you are not trying to start a new batch but looking for an existing one, you can use the search sidebar on the right to find the correct batch. Open batches will be shown automatically. Closed batches will only appear when you search for a specific time period. You can click on the drop-down arrow to choose a standard time period ("Today," Last Month," etc.). You can also choose to manually enter a beginning and ending date to search for batches in a specific time frame.


4.The batch will be identified by its Date. You can adjust the date if necessary.

5.You can also enter a Reference # and Description for the batch.

6.Click Save.

7.To add a drug to the batch, you can scan its barcode or enter the drug's information manually. You will see an option to "Scan drug or click here to search." Use this option to start adding drugs.

8.In the Inventory Item field, enter part of the drug's name to begin a search of your drug records. Select the drug that you are adding to your inventory. (When scanning, if the drug is not already in your pharmacy's drug records, a pop-up window will appear, asking if you want to add the drug through Medi-Span.)

9.In the Packages Received field, enter the number of packages that were received. Underneath this field, you should see the number of units contained in each package. This amount will be multiplied by the number of packages you enter, giving the total number of units received.

10.Enter the total cost in the Total Cost of Packages field. Use a decimal to signify dollars and cents (e.g., 20.99).

11.Enter the Lot # and the Expiration Date.

12.If necessary, add or edit pricing information under the Prices column. For more information on each of these pricing fields, see the definitions below.


i.Acquisition Cost

The Acquisition Cost represents the current cost of this medication. This is the same as the Replacement Cost.

(There is an Update checkbox next to this field. If you leave the option checked, the drug's Acquisition Cost in your drug records will be updated to match the amount entered here. If you do not want to update the Acquisition Cost, you can uncheck this option.)


ii.Average Wholesale Price (AWP)

The Average Wholesale Price (AWP) represents the suggested manufacturer resale price.


iii.Wholesale Acquisition Cost (WAC)

The Wholesale Acquisition Cost (WAC) represents the acquisition cost of the drug to a wholesaler.


iv.Generic Cost

The Generic Cost is an open field that can be used to enter any amount you choose.



By default, the Update checkbox will be selected. This means that the price information for the drug you are receiving will be saved and the drug record will be updated with this price information. If you do not wish to update the drug record's price information based on the inventory that is currently being received, you can uncheck this box.



13.If you are ready to post the item, click on the Save Item button.

14.The added item will appear in your new list.

15.You can add as many items to your batch as needed.

16.When you have added all your items, click on the Post to Inventory button.



How Do I Void a Batch?

You can void a batch as long as it has not already been posted to your inventory records. After a batch has been posted, it cannot be edited or voided. To void an open batch, just click on the Void Batch button.



Where are the Inventory Items Posted?

When you post your newly received inventory items, they are added to your drug records. The items that are added from this screen will be calculated into your total On Hand quantities.



How Do I Look at Existing Batches?

1.In the Receive Inventory screen, click on the magnifying glass icon. This will open the search sidebar. Batches that are still open will be listed below the search fields.

2.Batches that have already been posted will not be shown automatically. To search for posted batches, you can enter a date range.

3.After you have selected a date range, batches from that time frame will appear. Batches that have already been posted will be marked as "Closed." Choose a batch from the search results and click on it.

4.The batch will open and you can review its information. (NOTE: If this is an open batch, you will be able to make changes to it. If the batch has already been posted, it cannot be edited.)


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