Region Setup

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Region Setup

When setting up your pharmacy's various workstations, you can separate each area into a specific Region. A single region is assigned to each user. So, for example, if a user is working at the front desk of your pharmacy, you can assign that user to the region that corresponds with that area.


Regions are tied to the various services that run behind the scenes in ProPharm One+. After a printing service has been set up for your pharmacy, the service will use each user's region to determine which printer to use. (This also applies to Signature Pads.) Once you have created a region, you can choose which services to use with that region. Then users can be assigned to specific regions to ensure that their work is sent to the correct printer, etc.


For help setting up new services, please contact our support staff.




How Do I Create a Region?

How Do I Assign a User to a Region?

How Do I Add an Interface to EVERY Region? (Global Regions)

How Can I Tell What Services are Running?



How Do I Create a Region?

To create a new region, follow the steps below.


1.Click on the System menu item.

2.Select Region Setup. The Region Setup screen will open.

3.Click on the Create New Region option.

4.Enter a Name (e.g., "Front Desk") and Description (e.g., "The workstation at the front of the store").

5.In the Pharmacy field, start typing to search for your pharmacy. Select the correct pharmacy from the search list.

6.Click on the Save button.

7.Click on the Region Interfaces tab.

8.Click on the Add New option.

9.Start typing to begin a search for the available services (e.g., the "Printer Interface"). Choose the correct service from the list.

10.Click Save.

11.If you need to add another service, click on the Add New option again. You can add as many services to the region as needed.


You can also create a Global region. The interfaces that are added to a global region will be included in every region within your system.



How Do I Assign a User to a Region?

A user can be assigned to a specific region. If a user will be working at the "Front Desk," you can set up his or her user account to correspond with that region.


1.Click on the System menu item.

2.Select Users. The User screen will open.

a.If you are entering a new user, click on the Create New User option and add his or her information as needed. (For more information, see the User maintenance chapter.)

b.If you are adding a region to a current user, search the list of users and select the correct user account.

3.In the Region field, start typing the name of the appropriate region (e.g., "Front Desk") to begin a search. Select the correct region from the search list and press Enter.

4.Once you have selected a region, click on the Save button.



How Do I Add an Interface to EVERY Region? (Global Regions)

You can create a "global" region that will affect every region in your system. Any interface that you add to your global region will also be added to your other regions. This means that any changes you make to the global region will affect all of your users, regardless of which region they are in.


To add a global region, just create a new region with the name "global."



How Can I Tell What Services are Running?

A gray circle will appear in the top portion of the screen. (This circle will be visible from any screen in ProPharm.) Click on the circle to see a list of services that are currently set up for your Pharmacy (e.g., ADT or Claims). The list will show the name of each service and show whether it is running or not.


If the circle at the top of the screen is blinking red it means there is an enabled service that is not running.


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