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You can set up registers to be used during the Checkout process. You will then be able to keep track of the amount in your register and handle deposits after the register is closed. Follow the instructions below to set up a new register.


1.Click on the Point of Sale menu item.

2.Select Registers. The Register Maintenance screen will open.

3.Click on the Create New Register option to enter a new register. (You can also select an existing register from the list of options under the search field).

4.In the Title field, enter a name for this register.

5.If receipts will be printed for patients at this register, mark the Print Receipt checkbox.

6.If patients will be required to sign for items sold through this register, mark the Use Signatures checkbox.

7.Enter the Recorded Balance, the last recorded balance that was left in this register.

8.If a physical cash drawer will be used at this terminal, mark the Has Cash Drawer checkbox. (If this option is selected, the cash drawer will be triggered to open whenever a sale is completed in the Checkout screen.)

9.Click Save.


This register can now be selected and used in the Checkout screen.


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