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Release Notes

This section contains a list of items that have been updated in various versions of ProPharm One+. You can review the list of features that have been added and defects that have been corrected in each version of the software.


2.2.24 (8/23/23)

Added Pickup Time to Pseudoephedrine Sales Log Report [PWEB-664]

The Pseudoephedrine Sales Log report will now include both the pickup date and pickup time.



2.2.8 (3/17/21)

[485] Credit Card Payments: Added Option to Save Patient's Card Information for Future Payments

A new option has been added to the OpenEdge credit card payment screen that displays during the Checkout process. Users will now have the option to save the patient's credit card information to use that credit card on the patient's future transactions.


[484] Made Change to Include NCPDP "Quantity Prescribed (460-ET)" Field on All Insurance Claims for Schedule II Drugs


[483] PDMP: Corrected Issue Causing DSP12 Invalid Format Warnings in ASAP Versions Lower than 4.2A

When generating ASAP files that are not for version 4.2A, the DSP12 field will be set to "99" when the Rx Origin is "Transferred In." This will prevent invalid format warnings when the files are submitted.


[223] Removed GoToMeeting Screen Sharing Option from Help Menu

Changes have been made to the screen sharing options under the Help menu. The Share My Screen option (with its sub-menu options of GoToMeeting and Kalos Support) has been replaced by a single Kalos Support Screen Share option. This will give users a clear, simple way to navigate to the appropriate method for sharing their screen with the support staff. (2/8/21)

Made Change to Remove Digital Signature Check on Non-EPCS Scripts

After changes were made in to correct a defect, a secondary defect was found that caused all scripts, including non-EPCS scripts, to be checked for a Digital Signature Indicator. This caused all non-EPCS messages to be rejected. This problem has now been corrected.



2.2.6 (2/1/21)

A fix was applied to the CheckEPCS function. The intention of this function is to reject any digitally signed electronic order (EPCS signing method 1) and accept only orders with a digital signature indicator (EPCS signing method 2). There was a defect introduced in June of 2019 that incorrectly allowed orders utilizing either method to be accepted. While both methods are allowed by the DEA, it was not the intended design for ProPharmOne+ and has been corrected. It is not expected that this change will affect our users' experience and will not require any action for any past EPCS orders. However, it is an important change needed to match the assertions in our 2021 EPCS DEA Audit.



2.2.5 (10/19/19 - 1/27/21)

[4034] Corrected Issue Preventing some Controlled Substance Scripts from being Submitted to PDMP

In the PDMP File Generation interface, an unnecessary check on the AIR segment was causing issues with submitting some Controlled Substance scripts. This occurred on scripts where someone other than the patient picked up the prescription. When users entered a name for the person picking up the script, the service was requiring all data to be present, resulting in errors. A change has been made so that whatever data the user enters about the person picking up the script, that data will be submitted.
With this correction, older messages (which previously had errors) will now be submitted to your state PDMP. Please be aware that if your state PDMP requires certain data to be sent, you may receive emails from the state PDMP about any data that is incorrect.


[4037] Corrected Alignment of "Update" Checkbox in Receive Inventory Screen


[3850] Added Ability to Receive Text Messages from Patients and Respond via Messaging Center

A new Messaging Center has been added which will allow users to view incoming messages from patients and to respond directly to those messages. Users will be able to view the pharmacy's texting history with the patient, search for scripts in the patient's profile, and queue refills from within this screen.
Along with the existing functionality for setting up a texting Workflow stage, a new Workflow Task has also been added to send a default text message automatically, behind-the-scenes, as a Non-Visual Task.
Please note that our support staff will need to set up the necessary texting service in order for you to use these new features. Please contact our support staff for details.
For more information on these new capabilities, please review the Texting Patients chapter of the User's Guide.


[4026] Checkout: Made Changes to Prevent Delays after Signature is Approved for Non-Licensed POS Systems

These changes were made to prevent slowness after confirming a patient's signature in the Checkout process.


[3668] Added New "Scripts By Hour" Report

The new Scripts By Hour report shows prescription volume by time of day.


[3953] Changed Name of Field in Pricing System Formula Overrides to "Pricing Table"

In the Pricing System screen, under the "Formula Overrides" tab, the field which was previously titled "Price Formula" has been renamed "Pricing Table" to make it more consistent with other parts of the application.


[3938] Notification Center Enhancements

Improvements have been made to the Notification Center to make it easier to navigate and more helpful to users. These changes move normal system notifications out of the way, leaving room for the important messages to be your focus. We encourage our users to use it for communication among pharmacy staff and give us your feedback on how we can make it more useful. Please review the User's Guide for more information.


[3792] Appriss PMP Gateway Integrated into ProPharm One+ Workflow

You can now view a patient's state Controlled Substance history within the ProPharmOne+ workflow via our new integration with Appriss PMPGateway.
After receiving credentials from Appriss, you can enter your User Name and Password in the Options screen to begin using these features. When you are set up to use this functionality, a new "Controlled Substance History" button will appear in the Pharmacist Verification task. (You can also set up a specific Workflow stage for completing the Controlled Substance History task.) When you click on this option, ProPharm One+ will display the patient's information directly from Appriss' website.

For more information on using these tools, please refer to the User's Guide.


[3889] Improved "You are signing for" Window on Signature Pad

The "You are signing for" window that appears on the Signature Pad will now display both scripts and over-the-counter items. It will also display each item's price and the total price for the transaction.


[3968][3983] Corrected Issues with the Printing of Telerik Reports


[3846] Added Warning when Dispensing NDC that does Not Match the Drug Type for the Prescribed Drug on a DAW 1 or DAW 2 Script

Users will be warned if a script has a "Dispense as Written" setting of 1 or 2 and the Dispensed Drug does not match any NDCs in the Drug Type which contains the NDC of the Prescribed Drug (as found in Medi-Span). These warnings will appear in both the Script Filling screen and in Pharmacist Review.


[3985] Made Change to Allow for Paragraph Formatting in Release Notes

A change has been made to allow for new lines to be added in release notes while maintaining white space.

This change will allow for release notes to be separated into multiple paragraphs.


[3873] Added Warning when Filling Script Before Future Effective Date

A warning message will now appear if you are filling a script and the Administration Date is prior to the Effective Date. This will help users to notice when they are filling a script with a future Effective Date.


[3999] Made Change to Print Double-Sided Med Guides

Medication Guides will now be printed on both sides of the page.


[3991] Added Preferred Phone Number to Claim Response Report

The patient's Preferred Phone Number will now be displayed on the Claim Response Report (which can be printed from the Claim Verify window).


[3945] Enhanced PDMP Errors

The PDMP errors shown in the Notification Center will now be more helpful and informative.


[3990] Added DSP07 Field to ASAP 4.2A Report


Changes to Ensure that Service Indicator Handles Windows Permissions

The "service working" dot will now blink red when services are not found due to permissions.


[3967] Corrected Issue with Loading Telerik Reports into Database


[3931] Enhanced Error Message that appears at Checkout when attempting to Dispense a Script with Previous Fills which are Not Picked Up

In the Checkout screen, if a user attempts to process a fill for a script with previous fills that have not yet been picked up, an error message appears. This error message will now contain the correct script number (and fill sequence number) of the fill that still needs to be picked up before the current fill can be processed.


[3916] Enhanced Script Editing Processes

Changes have been made to better handle the editing of scripts in various situations. Fills that have not yet been picked up can be edited without issue. If a user attempts to edit a fill that has already been picked up, editing will initially be limited to Insurance and Pricing information. The user can click on the "Unlock" button to enable further editing. If a user attempts to edit the ORIGINAL fill of a script that already has refills which have been picked up, editing will be limited to Insurance and Pricing information. If a user is editing a refill when subsequent refills have already been picked up, editing will initially be limited to Insurance and Pricing information, but the user will have the option to "Unlock" further editing. Please note that scripts which have been sent to a Dispensing Machine will only have limited editing options. For full editing, the order will need to be canceled at the Dispensing Machine.


[3861] Checkout Screen: Changes for Selecting Payment Type when Processing Returns or Reconciliations

When processing a return or reconciliation in the Checkout screen, the previous payment type that was used for the item will be displayed. Users will be required to select the payment type that is being used, either for a reconcile payment or a refund to the patient.


[3963] Allow New Refill Requests on a Deleted Script after Rollover

There was an issue that prevented a New Refill Request from being submitted on a script that was Deleted and Rolled Over. This problem has been corrected.


[3959] Made Changes to Ensure that Service Indicator will Blink Red for any Service that is Not Running

The service indicator (the gray icon at the top of the screen) will now blink red if any service is not running.


[3695] Corrected Issues with Refill Requests that cause Active Scripts to Drop Out of Workflow


[3670] Enhancements for Handling Lengthy SIGs

Changes have been made to improve the handling of lengthy SIGs. If a user is entering a long SIG into the Directions field of the Script Filling screen, ProPharm will warn the user if any of the words in the SIG will be cut off on the label. Any words that may be cut off will be shown in red in the Expanded SIG field. (For more information, please review the Entering Directions section of the User's Guide.
Functionality related to the "Shrink-to-Fit" option on your labels has also been improved. (If you are interested in using this option, please contact our support staff.) If your label is set to use Shrink-to-Fit, the text shown in the Expanded SIG field of the Script Filling screen will shrink to match the size of the text on the label. In this way, as a user continues to type out the Directions, they will see how the text is shrinking to fit on the label AND whether the text will be cut off at the end.


[3950] Added Translations of Reason Codes in Workflow Event History for Refill Request Responses


[3961] Made Change to Run Backup Service Nightly at 2:00 AM


[3962] Automatic Workflow Stages: Made Change to Ensure the Sequence is Accounted for Properly, Next Task is Chosen Correctly


[3974] Corrected Issue with Expiration Date Not Recalculating on a Rollover when Written Date is Edited

There was an issue that prevented the Expiration Date from being recalculated properly on Rollover scripts if a user modified the Written Date. This issue only affected Rollovers, not new scripts. A change was made to ensure that the Expiration Date will be calculated properly.


[3948] Script Images: Corrected Issue with "Last Used Rx" Option

There was a problem with the "Last Used Rx" button for adding a Script Picture in the Script Filling screen. When an image was added using this option and the script was saved, the image was not being saved along with the script. This problem has been corrected so that the "Last Used Rx" button can be used properly.


[3971] Corrected Rx Expiration Dates on Filling Screen Based on Options Set


[3934] Made Change to Base Expiration Date on Effective Date (If One Exists)

There was an issue with Surescripts orders that were given a future Effective Date. If an order was received with a future Effective Date and the order expired 21 days after the Written Date, the pharmacy might not be able to fill the order. A change has been made so that, if an Effective Date is received, the Expiration Date will be based on that information. This will allow orders with a future Effective Date to be filled in these scenarios.


[3955] Corrected Barcode Scanning at Checkout to Find Active Drugs First

A change was made so that when a barcode is scanned during the Checkout process, if the scan finds multiple results, an item that is marked as active will be selected over an item that is inactive. If multiple items are active, a drug record will be given priority over a non-prescribed inventory item.


[3957] Corrected Issues with Pricing Table Tax Rates Affecting Claims, Changed Name of Pricing Table Tax Rate Field to "OTC Override Tax Rate"

Issues with the Pricing Table tax rate have been corrected. The title of the tax rate field in the Pricing Tables screen has been changed to "OTC Override Tax Rate" for the sake of clarity.


[3555] Added Optional "Latest Event" Column to Workflow Stages

In a Workflow stage, you can click on the "Modify Columns" option to choose which columns are displayed. A new column has been added which is titled "Latest Event." This column will show a title and description of the last event that occurred for that Workflow item. This column will be particularly useful for seeing the status of a Refill Request. For example, if the Refill Request was denied and that was the latest event for the script, the column will show that the request was denied and will include the reason code that was sent along with the denial.


[3956] Corrected Issue where Pricing Table Tax Rates were affecting Claims


Corrected Secondary Insurance when Claim Changes are Submitted


Corrected Install Location of Service Reports


Corrected Tax Rate within the Pharmacy for Claims Processing


[3782] Added "Print Report" Button to Reporting Screen

In the Reporting screen, you now have the option to click on the "Load Report" button to generate a report preview, or to click on the "Print Report" button to print the report.


Corrected Error with Claims Processing


[3869] PMDP: Fixed Issue with Zero Report Timing

A change was made to ensure that PDMP zero reports will be run at the time of normal reporting rather than running after midnight.


[3845] Made Change to Include Pharmacy DEA Number in PHA03 Field in Zero Reports for all ASAP Versions


[3836] Added Warning when Drug Strength has Changed on Refill

A new warning message has been added for when GPI information has changed on a refill. If the Dispensed drug on a refill has a different strength than the drug used in the last fill, a warning message will appear.


[3770] Added Duplicate Therapy to Medi-Span Screening Fields Shown in Script Filling Screen

In the DUR screening section of the Script Filling screen, the Drug Effects screening field has been removed and a Duplicate Therapy field has been added. The full DUR Results can still be viewed by clicking on the "DUR Information" option.


[3933] Corrected Problem causing Patient Phone Number Not to be Included on Transfer Out Form


[3825] Corrected Error Occurring when New Refill Request is Submitted for Script on Hold that is Expired


[3827] Added Customizable Tax Rate Field to Pricing Tables Screen

You can now set up a specific tax rate for a Pricing Table which will override the Pharmacy Tax Rate setting. In the Pricing Tables screen, enter the custom tax rate and then mark the "Tax" checkbox.


[3828] Corrected Issue with Default Insurance Option Not Working for Hold Scripts

There was an issue with the default insurance setting not working properly for Hold scripts. There is a setting in the Options screen titled, "How Default Insurance is Chosen when Filling a Script." When this setting was set to one of the "last used" options, the default insurance was being ignored for Hold scripts. This problem has been corrected so that the default insurance will work properly.


[3818] Added Shadowing to Pop-Up Windows


[3937] Corrected Issue with Error that Occurred when Discontinuing a Script/Leaving Workflow


[3633] Corrected Problem causing "eventDate of Undefined" Error and Hanging Issues in Workflow Stages


[3655] Fixed Issue with Incorrect Purchase Quantity when Adding NDCs from Medi-Span Database that Represent Cartons containing Several Packages


[3837] Corrected Issue with Discontinued Scripts Not being Removed from Workflow

A change was made to ensure that items that are Discontinued will be removed from Workflow.


[3835] Corrected Issue with Items that had Left Workflow being Marked as Active after a Script Edit


[3778] Automatically Re-Screen when Other Medications are Added to Patient Profile

When an "Other Medication" is added to a patient's profile, a re-screening of the profile will occur automatically (just as it does when a new Allergy or Medical Condition is added).


[3786] Script Journal Summary Report: Added Header to Each Page


[3743] Enhanced Ability to Receive Custom Report Updates

Changes have been made to improve the way updated Custom Report files are delivered. A new button has been added to the Updates screen to "Update Custom Reports." You will need to work in conjunction with our support staff when using this option.


[3848] Refill Request Error: Clarified Error Message to Explain that Pharmacy NPI must be 10 Characters or Less


[3710] Pseudoephedrine Sales Log Report: Corrected Issue with Grams Dispensed being Shown Incorrectly


[3729] Drug Maintenance: Changed Pseudoephedrine Amount Helper Text to Clarify that this is the Amount of PSE Contained in the Drug Package

The helper text that appears when you click inside the "Pseudoephedrine Amount" field has been improved to make it clear that this is the number of grams of PSE contained in the drug package.


[3844] Throw Error if Script is on Hold and a Claim is Submitted


[3780, 3829] Added Ability to Select a Doctor Other Than Original Doctor when Requesting Refills

When requesting refills, users can now select a doctor other than the original prescribing doctor. The "Change" option in this window (which allowed users to change the doctor's SPI number) has been removed. Doctor SPI numbers can be managed directly from the Doctor Maintenance screen.


[3843] Corrected Issue causing "Sequence Contains No Elements" Error in Verification Queue


[3807] Enhancements to Facilitate PDMP Reporting in California

The IS03 field (Date Range) will now be included for ASAP 4.1 files. (Previously this was only used in ASAP 4.2 and higher.) The AIR02 field (State Issued Rx Serial Number) is also included if Form Number is used. (This applies to files using ASAP 4.0 and higher.)


[3663] Added Ability to Report PDMP Records Weekly rather than Daily


[3812] Corrected Patient Profile Report to Sort Properly

This report will now be sorted properly and will show the Written Date first and then the Fill Date.


[3564] Made Change to Base the Dispensed Drug Search List on 10-Digit GPI if Original Fill used Only 10 Digits

If a user is filling the initial fill for a script and they toggle the GPI digits option to "10" (rather than "14"), when the script is refilled and the user is searching for an option in the Dispensed drug field, the 10-digit option will be selected automatically and drugs that match based on that option will appear in the search list.


[3783] Medi-Span Screening Color Changes

The color scheme of the Medi-Span screening results will now be as follows: Contraindicated—Red, Not Recommended—Yellow, Extreme Caution—Yellow, Use Cautiously—Yellow, Informational—Black


[3805] Script Filling: Corrected Issue with Focus Changing to Different Location after Allergy Pop-Up

There was an issue that caused the focus to move from the "Written Date" field to the "Save" button if the allergy pop-up appeared. This has been corrected so that, whether or not the allergy window appears, the focus will be set to the "Written Date" field when you begin filling a script.


[3775] Improved Search Field used when Adding "Other Medications"

The search field that is used when adding Other Medication information for a patient has been enhanced. When you search for a drug, the results will be grouped by GPI number (unless you are specifically searching by NDC). You can also search using a partial Drug Name and Strength.


[3816] Corrected Issue with Blank Name being shown for Certain Drugs in Drug Inventory Report


[3814] Medi-Span Options: Removed Unused "Screen Route Contraindications" Option


[3802] Corrected Issue with Discard Date Warnings Showing when Rolling Over an Expired Script


[3824] Corrected Issue with Checkbox Not Displaying on Correct Line for Allergies and Medical Conditions


[3810] Made Change to Truncate Pharmacy Address when Sending to Surescripts


[3820] Auto Updates: Corrected Issue with Next Update Time Not being Changed Correctly when No Update is Found


[3624] Added Option to Capture Extra ID Information at Checkout for Controlled Substance Scripts

A new option has been added to the Options screen; "Capture Extra Identification Information at Checkout for Controlled Substance Scripts." When this option is selected, anytime a user is processing a Controlled script at Checkout, a pop-up window will appear asking the user to verify the customer's ID. You can verify the ID by entering the appropriate text or by taking a picture of the ID card.


[3766] Medi-Span Options: Changed Default Values to Match Medi-Span Defaults

The values in the Medi-Span Options screen are now defaulted to the lowest settings (i.e., the settings that produce the most results). This will not change any settings that a user has already established, only options that the user has never set.


[3628] Corrected Issue with Allergies Not Screening


[3815] Drug Valuation Report: Corrected Issue with "Replacement Cost, Extended" Field


[3788] Expanded "Dispensed" Drug Field to Accommodate Longer Drug Names


[3646] Changes to Updates Screen

Changes have been made to the Updates screen to allow users to configure the frequency of their automatic updates. The options to Enable/Disable updates and to Delay an update have been removed. These have been replaced by a new "Update Frequency" option that allows you to choose whether updates will run Daily, Weekly, or Monthly. There is also an "Edit Date" button that allows you to change the date of the next update.


[3781] Price a Drug Tool: Added Ability to Scan Barcode Without Changing Focus

In the "Price a Drug" screen, you can now scan a barcode without setting the focus to any particular field.


[3536] Customer Portal: Added Ability for Pharmacy to Perform a Manual Refill

This change is specifically for pharmacies that utilize the Customer Portal. A new "Portal" Workflow Task has been added. This will allow pharmacy users to select a shipping address and will provide a way to manually trigger the filling process for portal customers.


[3806] Drug Valuation Report: Added "Sort By" Filter

You can now sort the Drug Valuation report by Drug Name, DEA number, or NDC number.


[3581] Tools Menu: Made Changes to Improve Placement of Focus when Entering Various Screens


[3785] Changes to Scripts by Insurance Plan Report


[3787] Script Journal Report: Corrected Error that occurred when "Include Private Pay" Option was Selected


[3773] Corrected Issue with Focus after Using Mouse to Select Dispensed Drug

There was an issue with the focus moving to the top of the screen after using the mouse to select a Dispensed Drug in the Script Filling screen. This problem has been corrected so that the focus will not move out of the "Dispensed" field after the selection is made.


[3715] Added Support for Hyperlinks in Release Notes


[3675] Script Images: Added Ability to Attach "Last Used Rx" Image to Script

In the Script Filling screen, rather than taking a new picture of the script, you can choose the "Last Used Rx" option and use the last script image that was taken for this patient.


[3791] Improved Handling of Surescripts Refill Requests for Doctors Without the Proper Service Level

When submitting an internet Refill Request, if there is a problem connecting, a more helpful error message will now be shown to the user to explain the situation. If the selected doctor is not able to accept Refill Requests, the "Internet Request" button will be disabled.


[3769] Added Toast Message to Indicate why Doctor Maintenance Window has Popped Up during Rx Change

A toast message will be shown when the Doctor Maintenance window pops up during the Rx Change process. This only occurs on some occasions when the user is sending an Rx Change message, not when performing a manual change.


[3637] Enhanced JDE Import Notifications

Changes have been made to improve notifications for the JDE Import. When an error message is shown, the information that is missing from the patient's records will be included in the notification.


[3548] Added Zero Reporting for ASAP 4.1


[3765] Gulp Upgrade

The front-end build process has been updated. This should result in no visual change to end users.


[3696] Drug Inventory History Report: Show Drug Information Correctly


[3638] Added Ability to Send Email if JDE Import has Errors (Notifications will be used if No Email is Available)


[3762] Made "Purchase Order Number" Field Bold in Purchase Orders Screen

In the "Generate Purchase Order" screen, the "Purchase Order Number" field will now be shown in bold, as it is a required field.


[3699] Added Fill Sequence to Rx Number in Header of Pharmacist Verification Screen ("H" Indicates a Hold Script)

The script number that is displayed at the top of the Pharmacist Verification screen will now include the Fill Sequence indicator at the end of the number (e.g., Rx2680-0, Rx2680-1). This will allow the pharmacist to see whether a fill is an original fill or a refill. (Hold scripts will be marked with an "H").


Fixed Defect with Other Medication Screening

Made change to not always screen against other medications.


[3529] A Patient's List of Other Medications will now be Screened against in Script Filling as part of the Drug Utilization Review (DUR) Screening


Added Setting to Only Run Updates on Demand


Made Change to Allow Label Print on High Quantity Fills


Upgraded FastReport to v.2019_4_14_Pro


Made Change to Allow Pickup on Rx Cancel Denial Response


[3767] Removed Duplicate Script Warning

This warning has been removed temporarily so that further logic can be added to improve it.


[3615] Improved Error Message when Attempting to Fill for Inactive Patient


[3632] Fixed Issue with Incorrect Discard Date Populating on Label


[3639] Fill Date Updated to Today's Date when Fill is Sent to Robot

With some Robot interface configurations, the day a fill is saved in ProPharm can be several days away from when it is actually sent to the robot and filled. This change will ensure that the day pills are actually put into a bottle is recorded as the Fill Date.


[3701] Cosmetic Changes to Release Notes


[3691] Checkout: Prevent Fill from being Picked Up if Previous Fill on Same Script has Not been Picked Up


[3650] Removed Unexpected Toast Messages when Pressing "Enter" on Maintenance Text Field

A feature has been added that allows users to save defaults. To locate this functionality, click the "More" button on any maintenance screen. Previously, there was an issue that occurred when a  user would press the "Enter" key while on a text field within a maintenance screen. When this happened, ProPharm would save whatever value was entered as the default. This functionality was unintended and has been removed. Pressing "Enter" now in this situation will do nothing. The only way to save a default is to use the intended method of  pressing the "More" button.


[3649] Corrected Minimum Pickup Age Default Error when Entering Drug Manually


[3641] Added Warning when a New Script is a Duplicate of an Active Script

There is now a script warning when you attempt to save a script that is for a drug that is the same as an active script already on the patient's profile. This is to alert the user to possible duplicate therapy.


[3530] Medispan API: Fixed Issue where Pregnancy Contraindications would Not Display

There was a defect that prevented Pregnancy Contraindications from displaying when appropriate. This has been corrected.


[3618] Audit Log Report: Added Patient Name to Logs about a Fill so that the Patient Filter will include those Logs

When searching for change logs by Patient Name, not all the script edits for the patient's scripts would appear in the results. This has been corrected.


[3627] Added Option to Always Ask for Signature when Selling Pseudoephedrine


[3716] Fixed the Incorrect Calculation of Prices in the "Price a Drug" Tool


[3625] Improved Surescripts Doctor Search to Work More Intuitively when Creating a New Doctor Record


Release Note Format Changes


[3540] Customer Portal: Removed "Select All" Option from Scripts Page


Corrected Transfer Out Report Phone Formatting

Changes have been made to correct issues with phone numbers on the Prescription Transfer Detail screen.


Small Change for Potential Speed Improvement when Directions are Calculating on the Script Filling Screen


Changed Order of Fields in Transfer Out Window



2.2.5 (10-18-2019)

[3608] Show Release Notes in Updates Screen of ProPharm

Going forward, release notes will be displayed in the Updates screen rather than on this page. From the Updates screen, you can view the list of items that are available with your next update. You can also peruse release notes from previous builds.


[3606] Checkout: Corrected Issue with "Override" Checkbox Covering "Tax" Checkbox

This problem has been corrected so that both checkboxes can be viewed and used properly when adding an item in the Checkout screen.


[3569] Checkout: Default POS Dispense Quantity to Equal Purchase Quantity when Blank

If a drug's Point of Sale Dispense Quantity field is left blank, it will default to the Purchase Quantity in the Checkout screen.


[3512] Added Ability to Edit Scripts that have Already been Picked Up

Users will now have the ability to edit scripts that have been picked up by the patient (as long as there are no subsequent fills that have already been filled for that script). If the fill being edited has already been picked up, has already been submitted to PDMP, or has a claim, a warning message will appear. The user will need to mark the appropriate checkboxes to verify that they understand the implications of editing this fill. The user will then be able to proceed with editing.


[3513] Corrected Issue with Transfer Out Printing causing Error when Patient has No Preferred Phone

When a user was transferring a script out of the pharmacy and marked the Print Report checkbox, the user received an error message if the selected patient was not set up with a Preferred Phone. This problem has now been corrected so that printing can occur without errors.



2.2.5 (10-04-2019)

[3597] Scanning to Add Item at Checkout brings up Wrong Drug when the Scanned Item is Not in the Database

When users attempted to scan a drug barcode in the Checkout screen, if the drug's barcode did not match an item in the inventory, an incorrect drug record was being pulled up in the Checkout screen. This problem has been corrected so that the wrong drug will not be selected and the user will receive an appropriate error message when the desired drug is not in the database.


[3573] Added Ability to Change the Prescribed Drug on a Rollover

When processing a script rollover, users will now be able to change the Prescribed drug for the script.


[3549] No Clinic Options Found when Adding to an Existing Doctor Record

There was a problem that prevented users from finding clinic options for a Surescripts Doctor after the doctor record had already been created. If a doctor was created and a clinic for the doctor was selected immediately, the available clinics were shown correctly. However, if a doctor was created without clinics and then a user went back to add clinics for the doctor at a later time, no available clinic options were found. This problem has been corrected so that a doctor's available clinics can be found after the doctor record has been created.


[3546] Enhanced "Questions for Pharmacist" Pop-Up during Checkout

Changes have been made to the "Do you have any questions for the pharmacist?" pop-up window that appears during the Checkout process. The customer's options will now be:

a)"No, I do not have questions"

b)"Yes, I have questions."


These more detailed responses should make it clear to the customer which option they are selecting.


[3595] Corrected Issues with Default SIGs

There was an issue with the expanded SIG text not displaying properly in the Script Filling screen when a drug's Default SIG was being used. This problem has been corrected.


A change was also made so that when a drug has a Default SIG the user can choose to enter a different SIG if necessary, using one of the pre-set Abbreviation codes, and the Day Supply information will be calculated properly using the new SIG information.


[3542] Automatically Select Patient when Navigating to Checkout from Workflow

When a user is processing a Workflow item for a patient and the next task is "Checkout," if the user clicks on the option to complete this task, ProPharm will automatically select the patient when opening the Checkout screen.


[3563] Removed "Rx Change" Option from E-Orders that have been Placed on Hold

When an E-Order is placed on Hold, the "Rx Change" option will no longer be available in the order details section of the filling screen. Previously, this option was shown on the screen but when it was selected it only resulted in an error message. Since this option is not intended to be used in this scenario and cannot work in this context, the button has been removed.


[3567] Corrected Issues with Previewing "Transferred Out" Script

There were problems with previewing a script that had been transferred out when using the Group by Drug view in the Patient Profile. This problem has been corrected so that the transfer information can be viewed properly.


[3594] Added Medi-Span Options for Performing ADE Screening and Disabling All Screening

Two new options have been added to the Medi-Span Options screen.

oYou can use the Screen ADE checkbox to determine whether or not ADE screening will occur. By default, this option has been turned off. To ensure that ADE Screening occurs, be sure to check this option.

oYou can also mark the checkbox to Disable Screening. This option may be useful in situations where the Medi-Span API is down, preventing screening from occurring as normal. In these circumstances, users would receive an error when attempting to fill scripts. With this option, you can disable all Medi-Span screening so that users can continue to fill scripts until the problem is resolved. At that point, you can uncheck the Disable Screening option and continue Medi-Span screening.


[3568] Changes for Rollovers placed on Hold

A change has been made so that when a script that still has quantity remaining is rolled over, if the newly created script is placed on Hold, the original fill will not be Discontinued. (Please note that the original fill will be Discontinued if the user clicks Save on the new rollover script rather than clicking Hold.)


[3541] Added "Brand Name" Field to Drug Maintenance Screen

A new free-text field, Brand Name, has been added to the Drug maintenance screen (under the Record Info tab). This field allows you to enter the necessary brand drug name to be displayed on labels when a generic drug is dispensed as a substitute for a brand drug.


[3591] Added Ability to Manually Change Prescribed Drug on E-Orders

Changes have been made to the way the "Rx Change" feature works when processing E-Orders. The Auto-Approve option has been removed and a new Manual Change feature has been added. In situations where the pharmacist is in contact with the doctor and it is decided that a different drug should be prescribed than the one listed on the electronic order, the pharmacist will now have the ability to click on the Switch to Manual button within the "Rx Order Change" window. In manual mode, the pharmacist can select a new Drug for the order and enter a Note.




[11908] Added Auto Update Functionality

ProPharm customers now have the option to receive automatic software updates. The Auto Update feature can be enabled or disabled from the Updates screen (found under the Tools menu item). From this screen, users can see when the next update is scheduled to occur and run an update manually (if an update is currently available). After an update has occurred, a notification will appear.


[11851] Checkout: Allow Users to Override "Price Per Item" for OTC Items

Users can now override the calculated Price Per Item in the Checkout screen when selling over-the-counter items. To do this, users can mark the Override checkbox in the "Adding Item" window.


[13780] Corrected Issue preventing Patients with Long Names from Paying with Charge Accounts

This problem has been corrected so that the patient's information will be displayed properly when paying with a Charge Account in the Checkout screen.


[12047] Added "Archive Order" Workflow Task

You can now add an Archive Order task to a Workflow stage. Orders that are archived will be removed from Workflow but can still be found on the patient's profile.


[12045] Added "Flag" Button to Claim Verify Window

A Flag button will now appear on the left side of the Claim Verify window. If you click on this option, the script will be moved to the "Flagged Scripts" Workflow stage.


[13784] Corrected Issue with Claim Verification showing "Unknown User" when Original Verification is Not Active

When a claim was verified and then changes were made which caused the original verification to be canceled, ProPharm was showing "Unknown User" rather than showing that the claim was not verified. This has been corrected.


[11938] Added Ability to Log Out User when Browser is Closed

A change was made so that users can be logged out of ProPharm when the browser is closed. You can contact our support staff for more information on setting up this option. Please note that ALL browser windows will need to be closed in order to log out the user.


[13679] Sales Tax Report: Corrected Issue with Incorrect Amount and Item Count for Split Billed Transactions

This problem has been corrected so that the information will be calculated properly on the report.


[12033] Display Patient Height and Weight if Received in New Rx

If a patient's height and weight information are received in an order for a new script, that information will now be displayed in the Rx Order section of the filling screen.


[12029] Added Warning when there are More than 1,000 Items Active in Workflow

If the pharmacy has a very large number of items active in Workflow it could cause the system to run slowly. A warning message will now appear if the pharmacy has over 1,000 items in Workflow.


[12026] Display Refill Request Denial Message in Workflow Event History

Users can now view refill request denial information from the Workflow Event History window.


[12005] Added Option to Include Hold Scripts in Drug Profile Detail Report

Users will now have the option to Include Holds in the Drug Profile Detail report.


[12008] Added Option to Auto Populate Doctor Information in Script Filling Screen based on Last Doctor

A new configuration has been added to the Options screen. This option allows ProPharm to automatically populate the doctor's information in the Script Filling screen based on the doctor that was used in the most recent script. The Doctor, Authorizing Doctor, and Clinic fields will be set based on the last doctor's information. (You can still manually change these fields if necessary.)


[11979] Checkout Screen: Added Ability to Search for Drug by UPC or NDC

When searching for an over-the-counter item in the Checkout screen, users will now be able to search for both UPC codes and NDC numbers.


[11975] Inventory Adjust: Added Ability to Search by Drug Strength

In the Inventory Adjust screen, users will now have the ability to search by drug strength (using a space after the drug name followed by the strength, as in the search field found in the Drug Maintenance screen).


[11978] Workflow Event History: Added Payment Type to Payment Event

The Payment Type will now be shown along with the Payment Event that displays in the Workflow Event History.


[11977] Receive Inventory: Added "Update" Checkbox to Determine whether Acquisition Cost should be Updated

For cases when the pharmacy receives a special price on an item and wants to record the one-time Acquisition Cost without updating the drug's Acquisition Cost in their drug records, a new Update checkbox has been added to the Receive Inventory screen. If the user unchecks this option, the drug's Acquisition Cost will not be updated to match the cost that is being entered in the Receive Inventory screen.


[11971] Added Replacement Cost Information to Pricing Results Window

The Pricing Results window for a script will now show the Replacement Cost.


[11927] Credit Card Payments: Enhanced Ability to Use Unapplied Card Payments in Checkout

In some cases (e.g., when a card payment is entered but ProPharm is closed/refreshed before the transaction is complete), a credit card payment may not be applied to an item during the Checkout process. When this occurs, users will now be notified and will receive help in applying this payment to items for that patient.


If the user opens a patient's information in the Checkout screen and there is an unapplied card payment for that patient, the payment will automatically be listed on the "Available Items" side of the screen. The user must apply the payment to an item or void the payment before proceeding with the Checkout process for that patient. (Checkout can still be used as normal for other patients.)


[11902] Added Rx Change Functionality for E-Orders

There is now an Rx Change option in the Rx Order window that allows users to submit change requests for electronic orders.


[11771] Added "Away From Keyboard Timer" Option

A new setting has been added to the Options screen. The Away From Keyboard Timer allows users to enter a number of seconds. After this amount of time has passed without any user activity, ProPharm will automatically navigate to the Home Screen.


[10183] Added Ability to Enter a Patient's "Preferred Name"

In the Patient maintenance screen, users can enter a patient's legal name but also have the option to enter a Preferred Name. This name will appear along with the legal name in many places throughout ProPharm (in the Patient maintenance screen, on the patient's "card" in Script Filling, etc.).


[13811] Corrected Issues with the Point of Sale Inventory Profile Report Calculations


[13806] Point of Sale Inventory Profile Report: Changed "Cost" Column to use Acquisition Cost


[13805] Improved Logic of "Point of Sale Dispense Quantity" Field

The Point of Sale Dispense Quantity field (which is used for inventory items being sold over-the-counter) will now work in a manner that is consistent with the way it worked in the Windows version of Pro-Pharm One.


[13800] Made Improvements to the "Price a Drug" Tool


[13799] Patient Profile: Corrected Issue with "Group by Drug" and "Group by Class" Views Not Showing Rolled Scripts


[13788] Added Dispensed Drug Information to Transfer Out Window

The Dispensed Drug name and NDC will now be included on the Transfer Out window when users are preparing to transfer a script.


[13787] Corrected "Added by" Information for Drug Notes

The "Added by" information that displays next to Drug Notes in the filling screen was showing the current user rather than the user who entered the note. It was also showing the current date rather than the date the note was entered. The correct information was still saved in the logs but the wrong information was being displayed. This problem has been corrected so that the note logs will be displayed properly.


[13777] Corrected Issue with Original SIG Displaying on Labels rather than Edited SIG

This problem has been corrected so that when changes are made to a SIG, the updated information will be included on labels.


[13680] Enhanced Point of Sale Transactions Report

The Point of Sale Transactions report has been improved to better handle multi-tender transactions (split payments). The Insurance filter has once again been included on this report.


[13453] Added a More Descriptive Message when Script is Canceled by the Doctor


[11864] Made Report Favorites User-Based

The reports that a user designates as "Favorites" in the reporting screen will now be saved as Favorites only for that specific user.


[11768] Added Patient Counseling Report

A new Patient Counseling report has been added to the Reporting screen. You can use this report to review information on patients who received counseling about their scripts.


[12084] Added Scripts By Insurance Plan Report

A new Scripts By Insurance Plan report has been added to the Reporting screen.


[12099] Added "Import Form Number" Workflow Task


[13817] Explanation of Benefits: Allow Users to Select Any Script for EOB Item Posting Regardless of Payer

A change has been made so that users can enter EOB items with a different Payer than the one selected for the EOB batch.


[13846] Point of Sale Transactions Report: Corrected Issues with Payment Calculation

There were issues that occurred when two payments of the same Payment Type were entered for an item in the Checkout process. This problem has been corrected so that the payment totals will be calculated and displayed properly on the report.


[11994] Added Option to Set Default Values in Maintenance Screens

When working in one of the various screens under the Maintenance or System menus, you can now click on the More button at the bottom of the screen. This will cause a Set Default button to appear next to each field. Using this feature, you can enter the correct value in a field and then set that value as the default. Any time a new record is entered, this value will be set automatically. (Users can still change the field's value manually if necessary.)


[12048] Added "Print Hold Label" Workflow Task

A new Workflow task has been created — Print Hold Label. This task can be used to print labels specifically for Hold scripts (i.e., printing labels without including patient education and auxiliary labels).


[11840] Added "Show Inactive" Option to Inventory Adjustment Screen

A new Show Inactive checkbox has been added to the top of the Inventory Adjust screen. When this option is selected, the list of drugs shown in the search will include inactive drugs. You can adjust these drugs as necessary.


If you adjust an active drug to have a quantity of zero, a pop-up window will appear, giving you the option to mark the drug as inactive. (Conversely, if you add quantity to an inactive drug so that it has a value greater than zero, a pop-up window will appear to ask if you want to mark the drug as active.)


[12067] Added Radial Menu to Patient Profile Screen

On the Patient Profile screen, a new gear icon has been added for each script in the patient's profile. You can click on this icon to view a menu with the following options:

oD/C Script: This option will Discontinue the selected script

oEvents: This option will allow you to view the Workflow Event History.

oPrint Label: This option will allow you to print (or re-print) the script's label.

oClaim Verify: This option will open the Claim Verify window.


[13851] Corrected Issue with Printing DUR Results Information

Changes were made to ensure that the Print Results option works correctly in the DUR Results window.


[11839] Added "Default SIG" Field to Drug Maintenance

In the Drug maintenance screen, under the Record Info tab, you can now enter a drug's Default SIG. This will serve as the default SIG text for the selected GPI record. (Users can still manually change the SIG in the Script Filling screen.)


[11828] Added "Default Day Supply" Field to Drug Maintenance

In the Drug maintenance screen, under the Record Info tab, you can now enter a drug's Default Day Supply. This will serve as the default Day Supply amount for the selected GPI record. (Users can still manually change the Day Supply field in the Script Filling screen.)


[12150] Added "Workflow by Item" Screen

A new screen, Workflow by Item, has been added to the Workflow menu. In this  screen you can search for a specific Workflow item and then choose the correct Task to perform on that item. This screen can be used to locate an item that is no longer in Workflow. The user can then utilize the new "Return to Workflow" task to put the item back into Workflow.


[12151] Added "Return to Workflow" Task

A new Workflow Task has been created — Return to Workflow. This task can be used in conjunction with the new Workflow by Item screen to locate items and return them to Workflow.


[12068] Added Clinic Fax Number to Claim Response Report

The clinic fax number has been added to the Claim Response report that is printed from the Claim Verify window.


[10512] Added Drug Vendor Dispensing Report

The new Drug Vendor Dispensing report shows a list of drugs dispensed in a chosen location for a selected time period. It shows the total number of scripts and the total quantity dispensed for each NDC.


[12126] Added "New Drug for Patient" Workflow Event

A new Workflow Event option has been added — New Drug for Patient. This event will apply to a drug if no other drug with the same GPI number and Directions is found for the patient within the past year.


[12065] Added "DEA Expiration Date" Field to Doctor Maintenance Screen

In the Doctor maintenance screen, you can now enter a DEA Expiration Date. If the doctor's DEA Expiration Date has passed, users will receive an error message when attempting to fill a script using this doctor.


[13845] Point of Sale Options: Added Option to "Send Charge Messages for Items with No Amount"

A new Point of Sale option has been added under System > Options. This option is titled Send Charge Messages for Items with No Amount. When this option is selected, all items on an order (including items with an amount of $0) will be sent as DFT messages.


If this option is unchecked, only items with positive or negative amounts will be sent, either as charges or credits. If the option is checked, items with no remaining balance (e.g., cases where insurance covered the entire cost) will also be sent as "charge" messages.




[11591] User Groups: Added Ability to Create a "Restricted" Group using Checkbox

When setting up a User Group, there is now a checkbox titled Restricted User Group. If you mark this checkbox, any user attached to this group will be restricted from all parts of ProPharm. Then, if you wish, you can go to the Security maintenance screen and enter specific Security Tags for any parts of the software that you want those users to have access to. This new feature allows you to quickly restrict a group of users from all parts of ProPharm without entering a large number of security restrictions.


[13685] Script Filling: Corrected Coloring of DUR Screening Alerts

The color of each screening alert will now match the severity level of the alert (Red, Orange, Yellow, and White).


[13682] Point of Sale — Close Register: Corrected Variance Field to Show Minus Symbol for Negative Variances

When closing a register, the Variance field will now show a minus symbol if there is less cash in the drawer than expected. If there is more cash than expected, a positive amount will be shown in the Variance field (with no symbol).


[11631] Added Address Line to Credit Card Payment Screen

When you are processing a credit card payment from the Checkout screen and do a manual entry, you will now be able to enter an address.


[11536] Point of Sale: Added Option to Require Patient ID Number or DOB on Signature Pad

A new option has been added in the Options screen — Verify Patient with ID Number or Birthday. If this option is selected, when a patient is signing for their scripts, they will need to enter their Date of Birth or their ID Number (both of which are recorded in the Patient maintenance screen). This option may be helpful when you have multiple patients with the same name and need to ensure that you select the correct patient from your records.


[11625] Added Point of Sale Activity Report


[11523] Added Minimum Pickup Age to Drug Record

A new field has been added to the Drug maintenance screen. When setting up a Drug Type (GPI), you can enter a Minimum Pickup Age. When a patient is picking up any Drug (NDC) within this Drug Type, a pop-up window will appear in the Checkout screen asking the user to enter the patient's Date of Birth. If the patient is younger than the minimum age required for this drug, the user will not be able to complete the transaction.


[11769] Automatically Pick City and State based on ZIP Code

When entering address information, the City and State can now be populated automatically when a ZIP Code is selected.


[11847] Default "Sold in Point of Sale" Option to Unchecked

The Sold in Point of Sale option (in the Drug and Non-Prescribed Inventory Maintenance screens) will now be defaulted to unchecked.


[11846] Point of Sale Transactions Report: Show Payment Title rather than Payment Type

In the Point of Sale Transactions Report, the Payment Type (e.g., "Cash," or "Manual Bill") will no longer be shown. Instead, the Title of the Payment Type will be displayed.


[13738] Error when Searching by Batch in Closing Report

A change was made to prevent batches without associated batch logs from being included in the search results. This will prevent this error from occurring.


[13739] Users Not being Logged Out Automatically if Browser Closed Before Logout Time

If the browser was closed (without the user signing out) before the chosen number of Auto Logoff Minutes, the inactive user was not being logged out of ProPharm. This problem has been corrected so that users will be logged out appropriately. Please note that the application on the Web Server will need to be restarted in order for the session cookie to be updated to match changes to the Auto Logoff Minutes setting.


[11854] Users Unable to Set Up Charge Accounts from Checkout Screen due to Security Restrictions

The security restrictions for setting up Charge Accounts will now be handled through the Point of Sale security flag. This will ensure that qualified users are able to set up Charge Accounts from the Checkout screen.


[11855] No Longer Print Patient Profile Report in Landscape

The Patient Profile report will no longer be printed in landscape mode.


[11857] Removed "Cancel" Button from Signature Pad

The Cancel option will no longer be shown to customers on the signature pad. They will have the option to Accept the signature or Clear it.


[11867] Added Option to Assume Person Picking Up Script is the Patient

A new option has been added in the Options screen. If this box is checked, ProPharm will show a pop-up during the Checkout process, asking if the customer picking up the medication is the patient. If this option is unchecked, ProPharm will not show this pop-up and will assume the person picking up the medication is the patient.


[11864] User-Based Report Favorites

Report "Favorites" will now be user-specific. When a user chooses certain reports as his or her favorites, those selections will only apply to that user.


[11868] Added Options for How Default Insurance is Chosen

There are now two "Last Used" options for the How Default Insurance is Chosen when Filling a Script setting. You can set the default to be the last insurance used by the patient or the last insurance used on that particular script.


[11858] Added Provider Name and Phone Number to the Claim Response Report

The provider's name and phone number will now be shown when the Claim Response Report is printed.


[11862] Added "Manual Bill" Payment Type

A new Payment Type of "Manual Bill" has been added. This Payment Type allows for an item to be picked up without submitting a payment. For more information, please consult the Payment Types chapter.


[11869] Checkout: Removed Suggested Amount Buttons for Non-Cash Payment Types

When completing a cash transaction in the Checkout screen, there are suggested dollar amounts (e.g., $20.00) that can be easily selected when entering a payment. However, these suggested amounts are only useful for cash payments and have been removed from the window for other Payment Types.


[11834] Added Current On-Hand Quantity and Running Total to Receive Inventory Screen

In the Receive Inventory screen, when you select a drug to add, the current on-hand quantity will now be displayed on the screen. When you have added the drug, its cost will be added to the  running total for the batch items.


[11856] Text Messages: Made Change for Sending One Message for Several Scripts

When a patient has multiple scripts in Workflow and the user runs the "Message Patient" task for one of the scripts, all of the patient's active items will be marked with the appropriate Workflow Event so that the user is not asked to send multiple messages to the same patient.


[11833] Script Life View: Pickup Date and Amount Paid showing for Insurance but Not Private Pay

There was an issue with the Pickup Date and the amount paid not being displayed correctly on the Patient Profile for private pay scripts when using the Script Life view. This problem has been corrected.




Added Medi-Span Options Screen

A new screen has been added under the System menu. From here, you can set up your Medi-Span screening parameters.


(10241) Added Medi-Span Version/Dates to Help Menu

If you click on the Help menu item, you can now view the version of Medi-Span that is being used, as well as the Issue Date.


(10245) Doctor Maintenance: Improved Speed on Surescripts Doctor Search when Adding New Doctor

In the Doctor maintenance screen, when users are creating a new doctor record and searching the list of Surescripts Doctors, the search list will now load more quickly.


(10162) Added Monographs to DUR Results Window

More information is now available in the DUR Results window. Monographs can be shown for detailed information on Drug Interactions.


(10260) Added Med Reconciliation Option to Patient Profile

This option (which appears at the bottom of the Patient Profile screen) allows you to screen all of the medications on the patient's profile.


(10246) Patient Allergies: When Adding Allergy/Medical Condition, Automatically Re-Screen

When a user enters a new allergy or medical condition for a patient, ProPharm will automatically re-screen the patient's profile with the new information. The DUR Results window will appear, showing details about the screening.


(10105) Updated Refill Request Form to Show Both Current Fill Quantity and Prescribed Quantity

The Refill Request report will now display both the original quantity prescribed by the doctor and the current fill quantity.


(9511) Show Diagnosis Codes and Coverage Codes in Rx Orders

Both the Coverage Code and Diagnosis Code will now be displayed on Rx Orders.


(9866) Added ADHD ICD-10 Codes to Insurance Overrides

In the Claim Verify window, the following ADHD codes have been added to the Diagnosis Code options in the Available Overrides section.


oF90.0 (Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, predominantly inattentive type)

oF90.1 (Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, predominantly hyperactive type)

oF90.2 (Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, combined type)

oF90.8 (Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, other type)

oF90.9 (Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, unspecified type)


(12486) Patient Pay Amount Not being Updated when Changing Script to Private Pay

A change has been made so that the Patient Pay Amount will be recalculated automatically when a script is edited and changed to Private Pay.


(10325) Added Ability to include Effective Date on Rx Order Report


(12545) Drug Search: Added Dosage and Strength Information to Search Window

When searching for a drug, the drop-down list will now contain more information about the drugs you are viewing. Drug dosage and strength information has been added.


(12609) Point of Sale Transactions Report: Fixed Issue with "Show Credits" Option

When using the Show Credits option on this report, returned quantities were not being calculated correctly in the totals shown at the end of the report. This issue has been resolved so that the credits will be displayed properly.


(10088) Change to Ensure that NDC and Insurance are Shown in GPI History when Processing Rx Orders

A change was made to ensure that the GPI History information will be shown correctly on the left side of the screen when users are processing Rx Orders. The NDC and Insurance information will be included.


(12802) Receive Inventory: When Drug Not Found, Improved Ability to Add from Medi-Span

Improvements were made in the Receive Inventory screen to help users more easily add a drug from Medi-Span when the needed drug is not already in the pharmacy's drug records.


(10258) Drug Maintenance: Added Option to Allow/Disallow Drug Imprint to be Updated during GPI Update

A new option has been added to the Drug maintenance screen, under the NDCs tab: Allow Update of Imprint.


(12869) Corrected Typo on Electronic Refill Request Message

There was a typo on a Refill Request error message. This message has been corrected to read "Electronic requests can only be sent to the Original Doctor and Clinic."


(12241) Changes to Pickup Charges Report (Point of Sale Transactions Report)

The report that was formerly called the "Pickup Charges" report has now been retitled to Point of Sale Transactions. The following changes have also been made to the report:

oAn Insurance Due column has been added to the report.

oThe name of the Price column has been changed to Patient Due.

oA change was made to the way the Profit column is calculated. The calculation will now be: [Patient Due] + [Insurance Due] - [Acquisition Cost] = Profit




(8152) Added Patient Line to Pharmacist Verification

When verifying scripts in the Pharmacist Verification workflow stage, pharmacists will now have a line to verify the patient's name. The script number will also be displayed at the top of the verification screen.


(11503) Added Ability to do Transfer In for Rollovers

Users can now roll over a script and then perform a "Transfer In." Previously, the "Transfer In" toolbar was locked when doing a rollover, but users can now use the transfer options just as they would with a new script.


(9629) Added Ability to Delete Authorizing Doctors

You can now delete an Authorizing Doctor from a doctor's record in the Doctor maintenance screen.


(10135) Corrected Issue with Loading the Patient Profile

The loading "spinner" symbol would sometimes continue to spin and the patient profile would never finish loading. This occurred when there were errors loading the profile. Now, if there are errors, the loading symbol will not continue to run so that users do not think the profile is still being loaded.


(7920) Added Options allowing Pharmacies to Set Defaults for Script Expiration Dates

Three new settings have been added to the Options screen, allowing you to set your pharmacy's default expiration dates for Narcotics, Controlled scripts, and Non-Controlled scripts.


(8144) Point of Sale: "Pick Up" changed to "Point of Sale," Enhanced the Pickup Process

Changes have been made to the Pick Up screen, including a change of title. This screen will now be known as Point of Sale. An option has been added to process Returns.


(8030) Added Script Note Indicator in Patient Profile

When viewing the Patient Profile, if a script has a Script Note attached to it, a note icon will appear on that script. You can click on this icon to view the Rx Notes (and add or edit them as needed).


(9613) Enhancements for Searching

Some changes have been made to improve searches. For example, in the Script Filling screen, if you search for a patient and then leave the searching toolbar, when you return, your search text will still be entered in the search field.


(9621) Added Build Date to Version Information under Help Menu

The current version of the software is shown when you click on the Help menu item. Now the date and time of the current build will be shown here as well.


(8551) Added Batch Status to Search Toolbar in Receive Inventory

When searching for a batch in the Receive Inventory screen, if any closed batches are found within the time frame you are searching for, these batches will be marked as "Closed."


(11751) Corrected Problem with Uploaded Script and Patient Images Not Shrinking to Fit

When users uploaded image files for script or patient photos, the images were not shrinking to fit the window properly. This has been fixed so that the images will be shown correctly.


(11977) Notes: "Created On" Field Shown as Blank

When users looked over the patient and script notes in the filling screen, the Created On field for the notes was being shown as blank. This has been corrected.


(9646) Reordered Items in "Tools" Menu

The items shown under the Tools menu have been reordered in a more logical manner. Lines have also been added to this menu to separate different groups of options.


(11995) Fixed Issue that kept Users from Viewing Workflow Events

There was an error that prevented users from choosing the View Workflow Events option from the Script Preview. This problem has been corrected.


(11932) Fill Signature Log: Changed Report to Filter by Signing Date rather than Fill Date


(8206, 9633) Added Audit Log Report to Show Actions taken by Users in ProPharm


(11034, 9737) Claim Response Report: Added Multiple Claim Information, Other Enhancements

When you print the Claim Response report in the Claim Verify window, information for the Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary claims will now be included. (In the rare event that there are more than three claims, "Other" information would be shown.) Other miscellaneous changes have also been made to this report to make it more useful and readable.


(8480) Added Option to Delete Pricing Tiers

In the Pricing Tables screen, you now have the ability to delete Pricing Tiers.


(9702, 9703) Added Ability to Generate Purchase Orders, Added Purchase Order Report

You can now generate and print Purchase Orders by going to Tools > Purchase Orders. A Purchase Order report has also been added to view POs that have been generated.


(12004) Problem Transferring PRN Scripts

There was a problem that prevented users from performing an outgoing transfer on PRN scripts. This problem has been corrected.


(12007) Issue with Multiple Users Logging In Simultaneously

There were situations in which multiple users could log into ProPharm on the same workstation, causing problems with user log records. This has been corrected to prevent users from being logged in incorrectly. For more information on logging multiple users into ProPharm on the same workstation, see the "Multiple Users" chapter.


(12068) Surescripts Refill Request: Error when Submitting DAW Value Greater than 1

If an Internet Refill Request was submitted using a DAW code higher than 1, an error was returned. Surescripts only accepts DAW codes of 0 or 1 on these messages. A change has been made to ensure that only 0 or 1 is sent. (A DAW of "1" will be sent if 1 is selected, "0" will be sent for 0 and 2-9.)


(9577, 9722) Made Enhancements to Pharmacist Verification Workflow Stage

Improvements have been made to the Pharmacist Verification process. Pharmacists can now view the original order, script image, and patient's profile while reviewing the script's details. For more information, see the Pharmacist Verification chapter.


(9741) Other Pharmacy Maintenance: Changed "Secondary Number" to "Fax Number"

The "Secondary" phone number will now be listed as the "Fax Number" on the Other Pharmacy maintenance screen.


(11200) Drug Maintenance: "Unit" Listed under NDC, not Drug Type

The Unit field can now be found under the settings for a specific NDC rather that at the GPI level.


(9531) Added Option to Expand SIG on Rx Orders

A new Option has been added to automatically expand the SIG when processing an Rx Order.


(9732) Updated DUR Results Report

The report that prints from the DUR Results window has been updated. The date and time that the report was printed will now be shown. Headers have been added, the patient address has been removed, and the patient phone number has been placed along with the other patient information.


(9747) Patient Maintenance: Ability to Mark Patient's Address as "Primary"

Users can now mark the IsPrimary checkbox to designate which address is the patient's primary address. For more information, see the Patient maintenance chapter.


(8153) Added Ability to Set "Reorder Point" and "Stocking Level" for Specific NDCs

Users now have the ability to set a drug's Reorder Point and Stocking Level for specific drugs, not only for Drug Types (GPIs). These options can now be set at the NDC level.


(12122, 9856) Updates for Controlled Dispensing Option

Improvements have been made to one of the System Options. This option has been retitled, "Allow Dispensing of Any Amount of Remaining Quantity on Controlled Scripts." Changes were made to ensure that this option is working correctly. For more information on how this option can be used, see the Options chapter.


(9721) Script Preview: Screen Refreshes Immediately after Any Changes to the Script

Enhancements have been made to the Script Preview screen, allowing any changes to the script to be shown immediately as the user is viewing the script. If a fill is deleted, a claim is edited, a refill request is adjusted, etc. the script will immediately be updated to show any relevant changes.


(9733) Enhancements to Patient Education Report

Improvements have been made to the report that prints from the Print Patient Education Workflow task.


(8245) Security: Added Option to Restrict Notes

You can now add security settings to restrict users from adding or editing notes (Script Notes, Patient Notes, etc.).


(8212) Security: Added Security Specifically for Controlled Scripts

By using "/epcs" security tags, you can set up security restrictions that are specific to controlled scripts.


(8325) Workflow: Sticky Column Headers

When scrolling down through a grid in Workflow, the column headers will now remain in view.


(8652) Added "Annotate" as a Workflow Task

A new Task is now available for Workflow stages—Annotate. This task allows you to add a note to the item in Workflow. You can find these notes by viewing the Workflow Event History.


(8444, 11814, 11198) Made Changes to Refill Request Window

The Refill Request window has been updated. More information will now be displayed. Users can search for a doctor in the Doctor field. The Fax Request option has been replaced by a Clinic Request. This will allow you to send an electronic request to your local clinic. (This will require an interface and the clinic will need to be marked with the "Local Doctor" option.)


A Change option has also been added for updating the doctor's SPI. If the doctor's SPI has changed, you can click on the Change option to select the doctor's active SPI. In the "Select Doctor" window, choose this doctor to link him or her to the proper SPI. The Clinic that has been selected in the Refill Request window will then be linked to the newly selected SPI.


(8676) Transfer Out Button Displayed more Prominently

The button for outgoing script transfers (Transfer Script) is now easier to find in the patient profile screen.


(8746) Added Interfaces Tab in Pharmacy Maintenance Screen

A new Interfaces tab has been added to the Pharmacy maintenance screen. The support staff will continue to help you enter these interface settings. This tab has been added to make these settings more accessible, but users will not need to change these settings themselves.


(8813) Added "Script Pickup" Workflow Stage


(8816) DEA Journal Report: Default DEA to "2345"

The DEA field on the DEA Journal report will show "2345" by default. You can adjust this field if necessary.


(8325) Script Preview: Made Patient and Script Headers "Sticky"

When previewing a script, the patient and script information will now remain at the top of the screen when you scroll down through the Script History list.


(8669) Enhancement for Search Boxes

When you are typing in a search field, ProPharm will now begin the search when your typing slows. This should make searches quicker and more user-friendly.


(8703, 9495) Surescripts: Added Ability to Handle Rx Cancel Messages

By setting up an Rx Cancel Workflow stage, users now have the ability to process Rx Cancel messages being sent from doctors.


Multiple warnings have also been added throughout the program that will appear whenever a user is attempting to take action on a script that has a pending Rx Cancel request.


(8789) Script Filling: Added Notification after Users Click "Print" Button

A pop-up notification will appear after users click on the Print button in the Script Filling screen, letting them know that the system has responded to the print request.


(8185) Added Message Type to Rx Order Display

The message type of an order (Refill Response, New Rx, etc.) will now be displayed along with the order in the Rx Order side panel (and everywhere else that Rx Orders are shown).


(10525) Corrected Problem with "SIG Within a SIG" Feature

Users can use semicolons (;) to create special SIGs that will be used within other SIGs. This feature was not working properly but has now been corrected.


(11118) Corrected Issue with Updated Inventory Amount Not Showing Immediately in Header of Drug Maintenance Screen

When a Drug Adjustment was completed, if users navigated to the Drug maintenance screen, the updated On Hand amount was not being shown on the header at the top of the screen. This has been corrected so that the new amount will be shown as soon as the user opens the Drug maintenance screen.


(11543) Drug Adjustment: Duplicating Selected Drug

There was a problem in the Drug Adjust screen that caused a selected drug to be added to the adjustment list twice. This has been corrected.


(9008) Portal Profile View: Group Scripts by Patient

In the Portal Profile tool, scripts will be grouped by the individuals attached to the account. This will help the user determine if the script is for the patient or one of his/her dependents.


(8863, 9632) Enhanced Rx Order (Surescripts) Log Screen

Enhancements have been made to the Rx Order Log screen (formerly titled "Surescripts Log"). You can now filter by a specific patient or a Message ID. An order's status will now be displayed on the log. The status line will show whether the order is Fulfilled, Waiting, or Voided.


(9530) Improvements to Rx Order Doctor Script Check

This check used to be too stringent and would warn if there was no DEA (or NPI) present in either the Doctor record or the Rx Order.  Now it will only give a warning if there is a DEA (or NPI) present in both the doctor record and the Rx order and they do not match.


(11453) Fixed Problem with Transfer In and Transfer Out Reports

The Transfer reports were not showing all of the transferred scripts, due to a problem where ProPharm was looking at the wrong Pharmacy ID in the database. This problem has been corrected so that all of the transferred scripts will be displayed on the reports.


(11540) Extended Script Journal Report: Corrected to show Dispensed Drug Name rather than Prescribed Drug Name

This report has been changed so that the drug that was actually dispensed will be shown rather than the drug that was prescribed.


(11510) Corrected Problem with Editing Scripts and Adding "Transfer In" Information

When users edited scripts, changing the Origin to "Transfer In" and entering transfer information, this information was not being saved when the scripts were saved.


(11662) Fixed Display of "PRN" for Surescripts Messages

When a Surescripts message had a Refill Qualifier of "PRN," this fact was displayed on both the Script Filling screen and the label. However, the Rx Order toolbar did not show "PRN" for the order's refills and the information was not displayed in the Rx Order Log screen (formerly known as "Surescripts Log"). This has been corrected so that PRN Surescripts orders will show that they are PRN in all these locations.


(11714) Drug Maintenance: Changing NDC switches Focus to Last NDC in the List

In the Drug maintenance screen, after the user edited an NDC, the last NDC in the list would be highlighted. This has been corrected.


(11719) Patient Profile Report: "Patient Pay" Column Blank for Private Pay Scripts

No "Patient Pay" amount was being shown on the report for scripts without insurance. This problem has been corrected so that the payment amount will be shown.


(11735) Pickup Charges Report: Added Option to "Show Credits"

A Show Credits checkbox has been added to the report.


(11743) Patient Photo Carousel Not Working if there is also a Script Photo

In the Script Filling screen, users found a problem if they went to the patient's "card" and clicked on the Edit option, then browsed through the patient's photos. If the script they were viewing had a script image, the arrows for browsing the patient's pictures would not work. This problem has been corrected so that patient photos can be browsed properly.


(11744) Script Journal Summary Report: Issue Causing "Divide by Zero" Error

This has been corrected so that the error will no longer occur.


(11753) Patient Information Shown in Point of Sale Not the Same as Elsewhere

In the "Point of Sale" screen (formerly known as "Pick Up"), the same details were not being shown on the patient information "card" as they were shown elsewhere in ProPharm. This was also true in the "Message Patient" window opened from within the patient card. This has been corrected so that the same information will be shown for the patient throughout ProPharm.


(11776) Correction for Error—"Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'id' of null"

The problem that was causing this error has now been corrected.


(11785) Problems with Long Patient Signatures

When customers would use the signature pad, if the signature was long it would fail. This has been corrected so that longer signatures can be entered.


(11791) Unable to Print DUR Information

Users were unable to print screening results from the Script Filling screen. When a user would click on the DUR Information button and then click Print Results, nothing would happen. This has been corrected so that DUR information can be printed properly.


(11296) Transfer Out: Allows Transfer of More than Quantity Due

A change was made to ensure that the Transfer Out process no longer allows to users to transfer more than is left on the script.


(11438) Profiled Scripts: Last Used Insurance Not being Selected

On Profile scripts, there was a problem with the "Last Used" insurance not being selected. This has been corrected.


(11440) Transfer Out: Fields Shifted Out of Place

There was a problem with the Transfer Out panel being shifted and not showing fields in the proper position. This problem has been corrected.


(11482) Workflow Event History: Logs Not in Chronological Order

The logs in the "Workflow Event History" window were not being put in chronological order. This has been corrected so that the logs will be ordered properly.


(11718) Problem Saving Rx Notes during New Script Entry

When users added a script note as they entered a new script, the note was not being saved after the script itself was saved. This has been corrected so that Rx Notes will be retained on new scripts.


(11768) SIGs will Translate if Typed in Upper or Lower Case

Abbreviations in the Script Filling screen will now be translated properly whether you type them in upper case or lower case.


(11802) Pickup Charges Report: "Profit" Column Incorrect

The profit calculation on this report was including tax when it should not have been. This has been corrected.


(11843) Workflow: "Item Entered a Stage" Messages Not Appearing

The pop-up alerts for items entering a Workflow stage were not working correctly. This has been corrected.


(7866) "Leave Workflow" Button Prompts Confirmation Window

When a user clicks on the Leave Workflow button, it will now cause a task window to pop up, asking the user to confirm whether the item should really be removed from Workflow.


(8207) Added Rx Order Report

This report allows you to view order information. You can filter for specific DEA Schedules and for Voided orders.


(8217, 9644) Added Pharmacy Incident Report

This report shows incidents that occurred within your pharmacy. The pharmacist can run this report on a daily basis to meet EPCS requirements.


(8218, 8219) Added Automatic Daily Backup

A new service has been created to run a daily SQL backup. A warning will appear on the screen if the backup has not occurred in more than one day.


(8222) Added "Rx Order Void" Workflow Task

You can now set "Rx Order Void" as a Task on a Workflow stage. When you select an order in the stage, you can then click on the Void Rx Order button to void that order.


(8227) Added Banner for Controlled Scripts stating they are EPCS Compliant

A new "EPCS Compliant" banner will be displayed whenever a script for a Controlled substance is being viewed (in the Script Filling screen, Rx Order Log, etc.).


(8237) Patient Profile Report: Added Total Line for "Patient Pay" Column


(9350) Admin Date has been Added as a Workflow Column Option

"Administration Date" is now a column option in Workflow stages. (You can add or remove columns by clicking on the Modify Columns button in a Workflow stage.)


(9080) RX Waiting Stage will Refresh Automatically when NCPDP Messages are Received


(9379) Insurance Group Number in Patient Maintenance: Limit to 15 Characters to Avoid Errors in Script Filling Screen

When entering a Group Number for a patient's insurance (Maintenance > Patients > Insurances tab > Group Number), users will not be allowed to enter more than 15 characters. This will prevent errors when using this record in the Script Filling screen.


(9413) EPCS Export

A new EPCS Export tool can be found under the Tools menu item. This can be used to create an export of the pharmacy's EPCS information for a selected time period.


(9442) Patient Profile Graph: Refill Request Diamond replaced by Vertical Line

The diamond on the profile graph that indicated a refill request has been replaced by a vertical line (similar to other indicators used on the graph).


(9532) Rx Order—Doctor Matching: Use More than SPI for Match

ProPharm will now use more factors than just the SPI when matching doctors. After the SPI has been matched, ProPharm will make sure one of the following factors also matches before selecting the doctor:



oFirst Name

oLast Name


(9553) Point of Sale: Free Text Miscellaneous Items Not Appearing in Pickup Charges Report

In Point of Sale, when users manually typed a Description for a Miscellaneous Item (rather than selecting an existing inventory item), the description would not appear on the Pickup Charges report. This has been corrected so that these items will be shown on the report.


(9739) General Enhancements to Transfer Out Report


(9889) Patient Maintenance: "Safety Cap" Option Checked by Default on New Patients

When entering a new patient, the Safety Cap checkbox will be checked by default.


(9842) Changes to the way PMP Scripts are Handled when being Returned

A PMP script being returned will be handled in the following way:

oIf it has NOT been submitted to the state PMP, the status will be set to "V" (for Void).

oIf it has been submitted to the state PMP, an error will appear asking you to contact our support staff.


(9513) Added Auto Logoff Minutes Option

A new Option has been added, allowing you to set the number of minutes that users can be inactive before they will be logged off automatically. There is an automatic logoff of 60 minutes, but you can set this option to a lower number if necessary. If you set a logoff time of ZERO minutes, no auto logoff will occur.


(9921) Added "Details" Button to Pricing Results Window


(8267) Script Filling: Ability to Add NDC from "Dispensed" Field when No NDCs are Found in Search

When users have selected a Prescribed drug but then find no matching NDCs when searching for a Dispensed drug, they can now click on the plus (+) symbol to add a new NDC from the Drug maintenance screen.


(9462) Added Profile and Workflow Options to Patient "Card"

The patient "card" can be viewed from places like the Script Filling screen and includes options for viewing and editing the patient's record. This card will now include options for "Workflow" and "Profile," allowing you to quickly jump to the "Workflow by Patient" screen or to the patient's profile.


(9884) Changes to Screening Logic

Changes have been made to the logic that determines what scripts from the patient's profile are included in DUR screening.


DC: Scripts that are Discontinued are NOT included in DUR Screening.

PRN: Scripts that are PRN will always be included in the screening until the script is Discontinued.

Quantity Due: If there is Quantity Due, the script will be included in screening until 2 times the Day Supply from the last Administration Date OR the until the Expiration Date (whichever is later).

No Quantity Due: If there is no Quantity Due, a script will be included in screening for 2 times the Day Supply from the last fill.


(9841) Improved Medi-Span Screening Alerts

An "Item Not Screened" error will appear if an item that should be screenable is not screened for any reason (e.g., GPI or NDC invalid).


(9891) DUR Results Revamped to Include Error Results and Screening Details

The DUR Results window (which appears when you click on DUR Information in the Script Filling screen) has been improved to clearly show error information. From within the DUR Results window, you can also click on the Explain Results button to view a detailed explanation of the screening that occurred.


(8814) Allow Rollover Scripts to be placed on Hold

You can now rollover a script and place it on Hold. (NOTE: When you place a rollover script on Hold, in the "Group by Drug" view of the Patient Profile, the script will be listed as "Pending" rather than an "Open" script.)


(8817) Pharmacy Record: Added "Interfaces" Tab

A new Interfaces tab will now appear on the Pharmacy screen. The support staff can help you manage your pharmacy's interfaces.


(8817—Continued) Added Services Screen

A new Services screen has been added and can be found under the System menu. This screen will be used by our support staff. If you have any questions about setting up services, please contact our support staff for more information.


(9476, 9489) Reorganized Contact Information in Doctor Maintenance Screen

The Contact Info tab has been removed from the Doctor maintenance screen. The doctor's Home Phone, Cell Phone, and Email can be entered under the Record Info tab. You can also enter a Doctor Phone number and Doctor Fax number for each specific clinic under the Clinics tab.


(9899) Drug Maintenance: Added Option for Screening Drug

A new Is Screened option has been added to the Drug maintenance screen. This option will be checked by default. If you do NOT want the drug to be included in Medi-Span screening, you can uncheck this option.


(9887) Allergy Window: Organized Allergies into Sections for Allergy Class, Drug Allergy, and Non-Screened

Allergies within the Allergy Window will now be divided into categories to make them easier to distinguish.


(9768) DUR Results Not Shown on Script Preview

This has been corrected so that the Medi-Span screening results will appear when previewing a script just as they do when entering or editing a script.


(9937) Script Filling: Changed "Discard Date" Errors to Warnings


(10061) Script Filling: Allow Users to Change Origin on Electronic Orders

If a pharmacist receives an electronic order but is going to fill the script using a paper script, they will now be allowed to change the Origin field for the script in order to give accurate information.


(12238) Patient Notes: Not Showing Correctly, Text Missing

This issue has been resolved so that the Patient Notes shown in the Script Filling screen will be displayed properly.


(12300) Script Filling: Error When Adding New Dispensed Drug and then Canceling

Users received an error when they clicked on the plus (+) symbol in the Dispensed field and then canceled the new drug record before saving. This has been corrected to prevent this error.

(9073) Added Override Options, Ability to Send Override for Vaccine Billing

Two new override fields have been added in the "Available Overrides" of the Claim Verify window. These new fields are the Vaccine Administration Amount (E3v) and Incentive Amount (E3). A dollar amount can be entered in either of these fields.


(9031) Made Changes to ASAP 4.2 File Generator to meet State Requirements

Changes have been made for the ASAP 4.2 report in order to meet new state requirements.


(6794) Added Ability to Turn Off Auto Claim Submission for a Script

A new checkbox has been added to the Script Filling screen; Submit Claim. If you have an "auto-submit" Workflow stage set up but do NOT want to submit a particular script's insurance automatically after filling, you can uncheck this checkbox.


This option will be checked by default when entering a script, but can be unchecked to prevent the claim from being submitted automatically.


(8944) Added Visual Separation between Scripts in Med History Panel of Script Filling Screen

A clearer distinction has now been made between scripts shown in the patient's Med History on the Script Filling screen. This will make it easier for users to view this information.


(11565) Fixed Issue with taking a Script Off Hold that had a Prior Refill Request

There was an issue where taking a script off "Hold" caused the item to disappear from Workflow (or show Tasks completed from the Original Item that was on Hold rather than allowing for New Tasks on the New Fill). This problem has now been corrected.



2.1.10 (Builds 612-637)

Corrected Pricing Issues

Various pricing issues have been resolved to ensure that scripts are priced correctly.


Admin Date Calculations

Changes were made to ensure that the appropriate Admin Date will be calculated during script filling.


Problems with Days Supply Not Recalculating

The Days Supply field was not recalculating when the Dispense Quantity was changed. This problem has been corrected.


Enhancements for Searching

Changes have been made to speed up searches and to prevent problems with missing search results.


ASAP Issue: Wrong "Partial Fill Indicator" Value being Set in ASAP 4.0 and 4.1

The wrong value was being used in the Partial Fill Indicator field for versions 4.0 and 4.1 of the ASAP report.




(11292) Rx Order Fixup: Problem Showing Gender

In the Rx Order Fixup screen, patients' genders were not being displayed along with the other patient information. This has been corrected so that each patient's gender will be shown.


(11355) Patient Messaging: Message Option Not Working from Patient "Card"

When users tried to flip the patient information "card" (in the Script Filling screen) and send a message to the patient, they received errors. This has been corrected so that patients can be messaged from the information card. Other improvements have been made to patient messaging in both the Script Filling screen and in Workflow.


(11374) Improvements to Patient Messaging

Several improvements have been made to the patient messaging functionality.

oThe patient's phone number has been added to the messaging window that is accessed from the Script Filling screen.

oThere were problems with messaging from Workflow when no message text had been entered. These problems have been corrected.

oWhen messaging patients who have chosen to be contacted by email, the patient's email address will be displayed in the messaging window.


(8609) Pick Up: Added Subtotal Price Information when Entering Miscellaneous Items

When adding Miscellaneous Items in the Pick Up screen, you will now be able to see a subtotal, tax, and the total price.


(8194) Patient Profile: Enhanced "Group by Class" View

Changes have been made to the '"Group by Class" view of the profile. This view will now show the patient's scripts much like the "Group by Drug" view, allowing you to select a script, preview it, fill it, etc. The script "timeline" will also be shown.


(11388) Workflow Stages: Corrected Problem with Double-Clicking Script to Perform the "Next Task"

In a Workflow stage, you should be able to double-click on a script to perform the "Next Task" that is listed for that script. There was a problem that prevented users from doing this in regular Workflow stages, although they could do so from the "Workflow by Patient" screen. This problem has now been corrected.


(11379) Corrected Issue with FMT Codes being Sent to Surescripts

There was a problem with certain FMT Codes being sent to Surescripts which has now been corrected.


(11381) Corrections for Prescription Transfer Detail Report

Changes have been made to the "Prescription Transfer Detail" report which can be printed after a script is transferred out of the pharmacy. The following changes have been made:

oThe "Fills Remaining" were not being calculated correctly. This issue has been resolved.

oThe "Other Pharmacy" will now be displayed correctly in the "Recipient Information" section.

oThe "Transferred Quantity" will now be shown in the "Rx Information" section.


(11389) Fixed Barcode Scanning in Search Fields

When scanning a barcode in a search field, if the correct item is found it should be selected automatically. In a recent build, this was not working properly and users had to press Enter to select the item. This has been corrected so that scanning the barcode will select the item.


(8657) Improved Home Screen and Widgets

Improvements have been made to the dashboard on the Home Screen. These changes should make it easier to add and edit widgets. A new toggle button has been added to switch between "Current Workflow Widgets" and "User Widgets." The User Widgets are the ones that have been selected for your specific user. The "Current Workflow Widgets" are all of the widgets that can be used for Workflow stages that you currently have on your system.


On Workflow widgets, the type of stage ("Normal," "Automatic," etc.) will now appear on the widget.


(8679) Added New Requirement Option for Workflow Stages: "First Refill"

When setting up a Workflow stage, a new option is now available to be used as a Requirement. This requirement option, "First Refill," will ensure that fills enter the stage if they are the first refill for the script.


(8694) Added New Requirement Options for Workflow Stages: "Patient Allows Communication" and "Patient Communication Unknown"

When setting up a Workflow stage, a few new options are now available to be used as Requirements. You can add a "Patient Allows Communication" requirement to ensure that the patients allow the pharmacy to contact them. (If a patient's Communication Method is set to "No Contact," the patient will not meet this requirement.) You can also add a requirement for "Patient Communication Unknown." (If a patient's Communication Method is set to "Unknown," they will meet this requirement.)


(8710) Return to Stock: Change to Return User to Preview Screen when RTS Process is Canceled

When a user is performing a "Return to Stock" from the Script Preview screen and then cancels the process, they will now be returned to the Script Preview screen rather than to the Patient Profile.


(8748) Return to Stock: No Longer Require Initials when Returning Items to Stock

Users will no longer be required to enter their initials when running the "Return to Stock" process.


(8749) Customer Portal: Changed Wording on Final Screen

A minor change was made to the wording on the final screen of the Customer Portal when patients complete their orders.


(11404) Error in Surescripts Log

Users were receiving errors in the Surescripts Log screen, but this problem has now been corrected.


(11405) RX Waiting Stage Not Refreshing Correctly

The Rx Waiting Workflow stage was not refreshing correctly after users processed orders. This has been corrected.


(11407) Claim Verify: White Screen when clicking "Edit Script" Button

In the Claim Verify screen, if users clicked on the Edit Script button they would sometimes see only a blank screen. This has been corrected so that the edit option will work properly.


(11408) Profile Shown for Wrong Patient

There were some instances where a patient's profile would be shown under the wrong patient's name. If "Patient A" was loaded first in the Script Filling screen, then "Patient B" was loaded, if Patient B had no scripts, the scripts in Patient A's profile were still being displayed. This has been corrected to ensure that the right profile will be shown for each patient.


(11469) Script Filling: Corrected Problems with Rounding in Prices

There were issues with the way prices were being rounded during the filling process. A change has been made to ensure that prices will be rounded to the corrected cent.


(8882) Added Portal Profile Screen

A new screen has been added (under the Tools menu) for pharmacists to see what a customer can view from the Customer Portal. A list of the customer's scripts that are available through the portal will be displayed on this screen.


(11508) Corrected Problem with Admin Date Calcuation

Changes have been made to ensure that the Admin Date is calculated properly when entering scripts in the filling screen.


(11509) Fixed Issue with Days Supply Not Updating when Dispense Qty is Changed on Refill

When the Quantity field was edited on a refill, the Days Supply was not being adjusted properly. This has been corrected so that the Days Supply will be adjusted if the Quantity or SIG are changed.




Changed "Inventory" to "Non-Prescribed Inventory" and Added Inventory Tracking Features

The name of the Inventory screen has been changed to "Non-Prescribed Inventory." This screen will allow you to enter OTC items, etc. Inventory Tracking has been added to this screen. You can mark the checkbox to "Track Inventory" and view changes to the inventory by clicking on the Inventory tab.


Workflow Setup and Stage Setup Moved to the System Menu

These setup screens can now be found under the System menu item.


Ability to Add Patients to Groups

You can now assign patients to specific Groups.


Changes in Drug Maintenance

The Printed Name field is no longer included in the Drug maintenance screen. HCPC fields have been added.


Pricing Tables: Removed "Secondary Cost Basis"

The Secondary Cost Basis field has been removed from the Pricing Tables screen.


Rx Numbering: Added "Active" Option for Numbering Sequences, Added "Delete" Option

You can now mark a sequence as "Active" under the Rx Numberings tab. You can also delete a numbering sequence.


Ability to Add User Groups

You can now add users to specific User Groups.


Ability to Set User Security

You can set Security for your system and determine which User Groups can access which parts of ProPharm.


Options: Removed Extra Pseudoephedrine Fields

In the Options screen, the extra PSE message fields have been removed, leaving only the option titled "Message Text of the Pseudoephedrine Pop-Up during Pickup."


Copay: Changed Appearance (Functionality Unchanged)

The Copay screen has a new look but will still perform the same functions.


Insurance Formulary System: Changed Appearance (Functionality Unchanged)

The Insurance Formulary System screen also has a new appearance, but its functionality remains the same.


Batch Processes: Added "Update Reports" Option

A new option has been added to the Batch Processes screen; Update Reports from Kalos.


Patient Profile: Corrected Ordering of Script Tiles

When viewing a script from the Patient Profile, the script tiles on the side of the screen (which show individual fills) were not ordered correctly for some types of scripts. This problem has been corrected.


Script Filling: Added Cardholder ID to Insurance Search

When searching for an insurance in the Script Filling screen, the patient's Cardholder ID will now be displayed for whatever insurance you have highlighted in the search drop-down.


Rx Waiting: Corrected Problem with "Sys Date/Time" Sort

Users were not able to sort the Rx Waiting stage using the Sys Date/Time column. This has been corrected so that the Workflow stage can be sorted properly.


DEA Journal Report: Added "Script Picked Up" Filter

A filter has been added to the DEA Journal report to allow users to include only scripts that have been picked up.


Roll Over Scripts: Do Not Populate the Number of Refills Authorized

When doing a rollover, the past number of refills will no longer be used as the default for the new script. This field will default to zero.


Script/Patient Notes: Problems Changing Note Type

When editing notes in the Script Filling screen, users were unable to change a note's type from "Rx" to "Patient." This has been corrected.


Script Filling: Tab Order should Skip "Origin" Field when Default Origin is Entered

When a Default Origin has been selected and a user enters a new script, pressing Tab will now move the cursor to the Insurance field, skipping the Origin field.


Medi-Span Update Warning

If Medi-Span needs to be updated, a pop-up message will appear at the bottom of the screen when users log into ProPharm.


Script Filling: Patient Phone/Doctor DEA Errors

There were issues with error messages in the Script Filling screen when filling Controlled Substance scripts. If the patient was missing a phone number or the doctor's DEA was not listed, an error would appear (as it should). However, if these problems were then corrected and the user tried to complete the script, the errors were still being displayed. This problem has been corrected.


Patient Profile: Unable to Preview Deleted Scripts from "Script Life" View

There was a problem which kept users from previewing deleted scripts when they were using the Script Life view of the Patient Profile. This has been corrected so that deleted scripts can be viewed properly.


Patient Profile: Script Counts Not Working Correctly

There were some instances where the script categories shown on the left side of the Patient Profile (Pending Scripts, All Scripts, etc.) were not showing the correct number of scripts next to the category name. This problem has been corrected.


Refill Request: Added Warning when "Fax Request" Button is used but there is No Fax Service

If no fax service is set up on your system and a user clicks on the Fax Request option for a faxed refill request, a warning message will appear letting the user know that they will need to contact our support staff to set up a fax service.


Claim Processing: Claims Formatted Incorrectly without DF Field

There was a problem with claims being formatted incorrectly without a DF field. This has been corrected.


Controlled Substance Reporting: Submissions Failing on Scripts with NULL Days Supply

There were errors in Controlled Substance submissions when scripts had a null value for the Days Supply. This problem has been corrected.


Added ASAP 4.2 Format to PMP File Generation Options


Claim Overrides: Updated Options in "Diagnosis Code" Drop-Down to use ICD-10 Codes

In the Claim Overrides window, the options in the "DO-Diagnosis Code" field have been updated to use ICD-10 codes.


Added Notification when Doctor Cannot Accept Refill Requests

When users try to send a refill request, if the chosen doctor cannot receive requests, a warning message will be displayed and the Internet Request button will be disabled.


Pick Up: Allow Rollover Scripts to Appear in "Available Items" List

In the Pick Up screen, scripts that have been rolled over will now be shown in the list of scripts available for pickup.


Added Med Guide Services

For help setting up a service to print Medication Guides, please contact our support staff.


Refresh Enhancement

Previously, there were times when users needed to clear the cache on their web browser in order to correct an issue or complete a change. This has been corrected so that users will simply need to refresh the browser (by clicking on the refresh icon or pressing F5).


General Pricing Enhancements

Changes were made to ensure that pricing and cost information is calculated correctly throughout ProPharm.


Pick Up: Improved Signature Box

When patients are signing for their scripts, the signature area will now be more clearly defined. This will help ensure that patients place their signature in the proper location on the signature pad.


Script Journal: New "Fill Status" Filter

A new filter has been added to the Script Journal report. By clicking on the Fill Status drop-down, you can choose to include All scripts, Filled scripts, or Hold scripts.


Added Hold Script Journal Report

A new report has been added to view Hold scripts within a chosen time period.


Reports: Updated Telerik Reporting

This update will allow reports that were made with the latest Report Designer work properly.


Return To Stock Enhancements

The "Return To Stock" window has been updated. The following changes have been made:

oText will appear toward the bottom of the window explaining what will happen to the fill after it is returned (Deleted or placed on Hold).

oThe script's sequence number will be shown. For original fills (with a zero sequence number), users will have the option to Delete the entire script or place it on Hold.

oThe name of the button that is used to complete the return has been changed to Return To Stock.


Pick Up: Corrected Problems with Price and Tax Calculation

During the Pick Up process, there were issues with price and tax calculation when adding Non-Prescribed Inventory as Miscellaneous Items. These issues have been corrected so that the amounts will be calculated properly and the correct amounts will appear on the Pickup Charge report.


Customer Portal: Created PortalUser Logging

Changes have been made that allow ProPharm to log any changes made by Portal users. Pharmacies that use the Customer Portal will need to have a user with the First Name of PortalUser and the Last Name of LastName. With this user in place, ProPharm will be able to log any changes that a patient makes on the Portal. The change that was made, the patient who made the change, and the time that it occurred will all be logged in the database.


Corrected Problem with Non-Visual Printing

There were issues with Workflow stages that used non-visual printing. These problems have been corrected so that automatic printing can be used properly.


Order Processing: Added Information to Orders

When users examine orders in the Order Processing screen, the Rx Number and Item Name will be shown in the order details.


Script Journal Summary Report: Do Not Sum "Profit Margin" Percentage in Totals Section

This report has a line for totals. It was summing up the total percentages shown for each item's Profit Margin as it does for other data. This has been corrected so that the totals will be shown correctly.


Script Filling: Show Rx Number with Fill Sequence for All Fills during Script Filling

When filling a script, all of the past fills for that script are shown on the left side of the Script Filling screen. Previously, if a fill was Deleted, placed on Hold, or Transferred, its full script number and fill sequence were not being shown. This has been corrected so that all fills will show the full script number (e.g., #0002531-0).


Workflow Stages: Change for Requirements with Grouping Number of "0"

When setting up Requirements for scripts to enter a Workflow stage, you can assign each requirement to a specific Grouping number. A change has been made to the way "0" groups are linked to other requirements. "Zero Groups" will now act as "and" requirements for all other groups.


Patient Messaging: Added the Ability to Email Patients

The Patient Messaging options can now be set up for emails as well as text messages. A change has also been made to the "Message Patient" Workflow task, allowing users to edit a patient's information from within this Task window. If you are interested in sending emails to patients through ProPharm, please contact our support staff.


Printing "Prescription Transfer Detail" Report from Script Preview

When previewing a fill that has been transferred out, if the user clicks on the Print button, it will now print the "Prescription Transfer Detail" report (rather than the label).

(11309) Problem with Hold Scripts

There was a problem that prevented users from putting scripts on Hold. This has been corrected.

(11012) Problems with Barcode Scanners

Barcodes were not scanning properly in certain situations. These problems have been resolved.


(11013) Surescripts: Ensure that Written Date is Translated to Local Time Zone

There were issues with Surescripts in which the Written Date was not being set to the appropriate time zone. Changes were made to ensure that the correct time will be used.


(11025) Surescripts: Change to Handle Refill Response Correctly

There were issues with the way that Refill Response messages from Surescripts were handled in ProPharm. This caused an additional refill to be included in the number of refills authorized. This problem has been corrected so that the proper number of refills will be allowed.


(8265, 8477) Added "Insurance Billing" Report

A new report has been added; Insurance Billing. This report is for sending script data to an insurance provider to facilitate claims processing.

Features Added

(7172) Pick Up: Option to "Require Signatures"

A Require Signature checkbox has been added to the Pick Up screen. If you leave this box checked, patients will be required to sign for their scripts during the pick up process. If you uncheck this option, a signature will not be required. (This change will only apply to the device you are using.)


(7245) Script Search in Filling Screen: Highlight Selected Script and Place at Top of List

When searching for a script in the Filling Screen (by typing "rx" and the script number in the search bar rather than a patient's name), the chosen script will appear at the top of the list and will be highlighted.


(7396) Workflow: Enhancement for Loading Stage more Quickly

A change has been made to load Workflow stages more quickly. The stage will open immediately and will then load all of the scripts in the stage.

Features Added

(6795) Script/Patient Note Enhancements

You can now manage script and patient notes from the Patient Profile and from within the Script Filling screen. You can choose a color for each note to indicate its priority level (Red, Yellow, Green, and Gray). You can also choose the note's "behavior" (whether the note will interrupt users in the filling screen or require additional action to dismiss the note).


For more information on script and patient notes, please see the Adding Notes section in the Filling Scripts chapter of the User's Guide.


(7104) Changes to the GPI Fixup Process

Enhancements have been made to the Start GPI Fixup option in the Batch Processes screen. This process will update the Wholesale Acquisition Cost (WAC) and Average Wholesale Price (AWP). A notification will appear after the process has run, letting users know that the drugs have been updated.


(7173) Ability to Submit Prior Authorization for Secondary Insurance

In the Claim Verify window, users will now have the option to submit Prior Authorization for secondary insurance claims.


(7255) Changes to Search Bar for Patient/Rx Searches

The search toolbar that slides out in places like the Script Filling and Pick Up screens will now be labeled as Search Patient, Rx#. This will indicate that users can either search by a patient's information or by a specific script number. To search by a script number, type "rx" and then the number. This will allow you to locate the patient attached to that specific script.



Defects Fixed

(10442) Script Edits: Copay Not being Saved Correctly


When users tried to correct a script and change the patient's copay amount, the information was not being saved correctly when the script was resubmitted.



The copay information will now be saved correctly when claims are resubmitted.


(10233) Patient Maintenance: Picture Tab Not Working


When users clicked on the Picture tab in the Patient maintenance screen, nothing was shown.



The picture functionality will now work correctly in the Patient maintenance screen.


(10330) Patient Search: All Patients Not Populating in Search


When users searched for a patient and got a high number of search results, some of the correct results were not being displayed. If the users scrolled down in the search list, the list would be cut off and the remaining search results would not be displayed.



The full list of search results will now be shown, even for a very long list of results.


(10346) Insurance Maintenance: "Save and Close" Button Not Working on Overrides Tab


In the Insurance maintenance screen, when users clicked on the Overrides tab and then tried to add an override, they were unable to click the "Save and Close" button.



The "Save and Close" button in the override window will now work correctly.


(10401) Script Preview: Date Wrong on "Mini-Profile" of Fill


When previewing a script, a miniature profile of each fill appears on the left side of the screen. The dates on these "mini-profiles" were not being shown correctly.



The dates will now be shown correctly on the fill profiles.


(10423) Pricing Systems: Information in Formula Overrides Tab Not Displaying Correctly


There were problems with the Formula Overrides list in the Pricing System screen. Some of the information would be cut off or would not be displayed correctly.



Formula Overrides will now display properly in the maintenance screen.


(10440) Script Filling: Long SIGs Not Breaking to the Next Line Correctly


For lengthy SIGs, the entire SIG was being displayed on the second line rather than breaking properly from one line to the next.



Long SIGs will now be shown correctly.


(10451) Script Edits: Error when Editing Dispensed Drug


An error appeared when users tried to edit the Dispensed drug in the filling screen.



The Dispensed drug can now be edited without causing errors.


(10485) Script Edits: Wrong Drug Options Shown when Editing Dispensed Drug


When users tried to edit a script and choose a different Dispensed drug, options were appearing in the search list that were not a match for the Prescribed drug.



The Dispensed drug options will now be a match for the drug that is selected in the Prescribed field.


(10505) Script Filling: Corrections for Search Fields


There were issues with some of the search fields throughout the Script Filling screen. For example, if a doctor was selected, then removed, and selected again, the script checks were not being run. There was also an issue with the Authorizing Doctor fields being loaded twice when users selected a doctor that required an authorizer. If the Directions search field was cleared, the expanded text of the SIG was not being removed.



The issues with Doctor and SIG search fields in the filling screen have been corrected.


(10508) Error when Entering User Maintenance Screen


When users went to System > Users, an error appeared.



Users can now open the User maintenance screen without getting errors.


(10504) Script Edits: "Claim must be Reversed" Error Persists after Changes have been Made


When saving changes to a script that require a claim reversal, the "Claim must be Reversed" error would stay on the screen even after the claim had been reversed.



This has been corrected so that the error will not appeared after the claim has been reversed.


(10481) Allergy Pop-Up: Problem with Drop-Down Menu


There was an issue in the allergy window when users clicked on the drop-down menu to select allergy, medical condition, etc. A scroll bar would appear on the right side of the screen.



This window will now display its information correctly.


(10290) Patient Merge Defects


oNot all of the patient information was being displayed on the merge verification screen

oThe "Swap Patients" button was not visibly swapping the patients

oThe "Merge Complete" screen had a "Cancel" button (which has now been changed to "Close")

oA patient's address was not being displayed



These problems have all been corrected.


(10520) Script Edits: New Script Being Created after Reversal


When editing a script and reversing the claim, ProPharm was assigning a new script number for the edited script.



This has been corrected so that a new script will not be created during the editing/reversal process.



(10524) Script Edits: When Editing Directions, the Dispensed Drug was De-Selected


When users edited a script's directions, the Dispensed field was cleared.



Editing a SIG will no longer affect the script's Dispensed Drug.


(10556) Search Fields: Newly Created Records Not Showing in Search Options


When users added a new record by clicking on the plus symbol inside a search field, they found that their newly created record was not an option when they returned to the search field. The users would have to reload the page to see the new record.



Newly added records will now appear in the search list.


(10557) Script Edits: Claim Reversals Not being Saved Automatically


When a script was edited and a claim reversal completed, the reversal information was not being saved automatically. Users were required to edit the script again and save the new insurance information.



Claim reversal information will now be saved automatically when a script is edited and the claim reversed.

Defect Fixed

(10482) Script Pick Up: Signature Pad Showing Previous Signature


When patients were signing for their scripts, they would see the previous patient's signature still on the screen.



The Signature Pad will now be cleared before the next patient begins to sign.




Features Added

(6796) Drug Maintenance: Dispense Quantity moved from GPI to NDC

The Dispense Quantity field will no longer be found under the Record Info tab (the GPI level of the drug). Instead, this field will be found under the Package Drugs tab (the NDC level).


(6889) Doctor Maintenance: Added New Option for Degree, "Advanced Practice Nurse Practitioner"

In the Doctor maintenance screen, a new option has been added to the Degree drop-down for "Advanced Practice Nurse Practitioner."


(6973) Added Reports

The following reports have been added:

oExtended Script Journal

oScript Journal Summary

oScript Reconciliation Due

oDrug Profile Detail

oDrug Inventory

oPatient Profile

oDrug Usage Report


(7008) Added Notification Center

A new icon has been added to the top of the screen (in the shape of a bell). You can click on this icon to view the top five new notifications. From this drop-down list, you can also click on the Notification Center option. This will open the Notification Center screen. From here, you can view all of the notifications and send messages to other users on your system.


One example of how the Notification Center will be used is with PMP Submissions. ProPharm handles PMP submissions automatically, but notifications on how the submissions went will appear in the Notification Center. You will receive notifications when a PMP submission has been completed successfully, when there has been an error, or when a zero report is needed.


For more information on the Notification Center, please see the User's Guide.


(7034) Patient Profile: When Previewing/Filling a Script, Each Fill for the Drug will be Shown on the Side Panel

Changes have been made to ensure that, regardless of which Profile View is selected, when a script is being Previewed or Filled, each fill associated with that drug will appear on the side panel.


(7035) Added Functionality for Reading of Barcodes/Magnetic Strips for Patient IDs

New option settings have been added to the Options screen (System > Options) to translate barcodes and magnetic strips on patient ID cards.


For more information on scanning IDs, see the Options chapter of the User's Guide.


(7077) Enhancements to Signature Pad/Pickup Process

Improvements have been made to the Pickup process. In the Pickup screen, the user can confirm which signature device is being used. If a new device needs to be used later, the user can click on an option to select another available signature pad.

The system:

oWill support a 7 inch tablet

oAllows for touch screens

oRequires Wi-Fi or Ethernet


For more information on Signature Pads, please see the Pick Up section of the User's Guide.


Defects Fixed

(9998) Patient Maintenance: Validation Error Not Removed after Problem Corrected


In the Patient maintenance screen, when required information was not entered (e.g., Zipcode), it caused a validation error. Then, after the information was added, the validation error continued to display.



When the problem is corrected, the error will no longer be displayed.


(10097) Problem with Scroll Bar when Adding a Workflow Stage Widget


When users added a new widget in the Home Screen for a particular Workflow Stage, and then clicked Edit and used the search field to select the right stage, there were problems scrolling through the stage options. Rather than scrolling through the search list, the widget would move across the screen.



This has been corrected so that the widget search field will scroll properly.


(10121) Script Filling: When Viewing Pricing Info, Hitting Backspace Key causes URL to move Backward


When users were viewing the pricing information in the filling screen and hit the Backspace key, it caused the URL to change.



The URL will no longer be affected by using the Backspace key in the Pricing Results window.


(10160) Script Filling: When Adding a New Drug and Finding it Already Exists, Forced to Leave Filling Screen to View Drug Information


There was an issue with adding a new drug type from the Prescribed field in the filling screen. When users try to add a drug type that already exists, a warning appears in the pop-up window. Users can click on this notice to view the current drug's information. However, this was causing users to move out of the Script Filling screen and into the Drug maintenance screen.



The Drug information will now be shown in a pop-up window so the user can view the drug's settings without leaving the Script Filling screen.


(10192) Search Fields: Main Results Not Fully Shown, Secondary Results Too Large


In some cases, such as the "Transfer In" toolbar, there were problems with viewing search results in the search field. For example, the pharmacy's name would be cut off by the pharmacy's telephone number.



A change was made to ensure that the primary search information (e.g., the pharmacy's name) will be shown in full, and secondary information (such as the phone number) will be truncated.


(10194) Script Filling: Script Information Disappears in Profile when Using Internet Explorer


When using IE, after a user selected a patient and chose a script, the script information would disappear from the patient profile.



This has been corrected so that the script information will be displayed properly.


(10198) Transfer Out: "Qty to Transfer" Not Displaying Correctly


When transferring a script out of the pharmacy, after the user selected a "To Pharmacy," the Qty to Transfer field did not display its information properly.



The quantity information will now be displayed correctly.


(10211) Script Filling: Preview Fill Option Opens New Script


When previewing a script, the individual fill "cards" on the left side of the screen give an option to preview each fill. Clicking on this Preview option opened a new script.



The Preview option will now show the fill preview as it should.


(10234) Script Filling: Refill Due/Admin Dates Incorrect on Patient Profile


When users looked at the patient profile and hovered the cursor over a script to find the Refill Due or Admin Dates, the dates that were shown were incorrect.



The correct Refill Due/Admin Date will now be shown in the profile.


(10268) Problems when Entering Dates with Improper Formatting


There were errors when users entered dates in various date boxes without using proper formatting.



When a date is entered without dashes or slashes, a warning message will appear.


(10271) Script Pickup: Wrong Drug Name being Displayed


The wrong drug name was being displayed during the pickup process.



This has been fixed so that the correct drug name will be shown.


(10283) Script Filling: Removed Option to "Create New" when Editing a Record


When users went to edit a record (e.g., a patient's information) in the Script Filling screen, there was an option to "Create New." However, this option did not work because these new records must be created directly from the maintenance screen.



The Create New option has been removed from the window that displays when you edit a record from the filling screen.


(10296) Doctor Maintenance: Adding Custom Doctor, Error when Adding Clinic


When creating a new "custom" doctor, there were errors when the user tried to add a clinic before saving the information under the Record Info tab.



Clinics can now be added to a new Custom Doctor, even if the "Record Info" has not already been saved.


(10306) Patient Maintenance: BIN and PCN Shown on Insurance Tabs


The BIN was not being displayed on each insurance tab in the Patient maintenance screen. This meant users had to click on each insurance to find the correct BIN.



The BIN and PCN will now be shown on each Insurance tab in the Patient maintenance screen.


(10308) Script Filling: After Editing Doctor Information, Doctor DEA Warning Not Removed


Sometimes when processing orders, users would receive the warning, "Doctor DEA does not match the DEA from the order." When the user edited the doctor's DEA and returned to filling the script, the warning was still on the filling screen and the user was forced to Save With Warnings.



After the information has been edited and the warning no longer applies, it will be removed from the Script Filling screen.


(10309) Problems Adding Surescripts Doctor, Selecting Clinic


When adding a Surescripts doctor, if users selected one of the available clinics they were not able to deselect it.



You can now uncheck the box for a clinic.


(10311) Prior Authorization: Confusion on Purpose of "Submit" Option


Users were confused by the option to "Submit Prior Authorization," not realizing that it would send them to the Cover My Meds website to complete the process.



New text has been added to the Prior Authorization window to state, "Send to Cover My Meds."


(10312) Patient Profile: Errors when using the "Cause And Effect" View


Errors occurred when users tried to use the "Cause And Effect" profile view.



These problems have been corrected so that the "Cause And Effect" view will work properly.


(10318) Patient Maintenance: Errors when Viewing Logs


Errors occurred when users tried to view the logs in the Patient maintenance screen.



These problems have been corrected so that user logs can be viewed.


(10337) Script Filling: Unable to Select Expired Insurances


Users were not receiving a script warning when they selected insurances that had expired.



Expired insurances can no longer be selected. But if, somehow, an expired insurance were chosen, a warning would appear.


(10277) Error in Return To Stock Workflow Stage


Errors occurred when users opened the Return To Stock stage.



This stage will now work properly without throwing errors.


(10379) Patient Insurance: Changing One Insurance's Expiration or Effective Date Changes Every Insurance's Dates


When editing a patient's insurance in the Patient maintenance screen, if users changed the Effective Date or Expiration Date for one insurance, each of the patient's insurances were being changed.



Changing the dates on one insurance will no longer affect other insurances.


(10414) Home Screen: Widgets Not Draggable when using Internet Explorer


When using IE, the tiles (widgets) on the Home Screen could not be dragged to different locations.



The widgets can now be relocated when editing the Home Screen in Internet Explorer.


(10430) Text Colors needed on Medi-Span Warnings


When Medi-Span warnings appeared in the filling screen, the warning text was not being shown in different colors. For example, major interactions or contraindications should appear in red.



The warning text will now appear in color, showing red for major interactions, etc.

Defects Fixed

(10298) Error During Script Pickup


An error occurred during the pickup process when users clicked OK after signing for a script.



A correction was made to prevent these types of errors during Script Pickup.


(10353) "Dispense Quantity Too Large" Error for PRN Scripts


Users were receiving a "Dispense Quantity Too Large" error when refilling PRN scripts.



The "Quantity Remaining" check will now be skipped when refilling PRN scripts.


(10354) Doctor DEA Mismatch Error Appearing when No DEA is Listed


When filling E-Orders, users received a DEA mismatch error ("The Doctor DEA does Not Match the DEA from the Order") even when no doctor DEA had been entered.



This error will only appear when the doctor's DEA has been entered but does not match the order's information.


(10349) Primary Bill Query is Not Checking Active Field


Primary Bill Query is not checking Active field. (Secondary was looking at the first submitted Primary NOT the approved Primary which was not first)



Added active filter to query that finds (approved) primary bill.

Feature Added

(6785) Updated PMP Service to Allow for Remote Subdirectory Path Specification

Defect Fixed

(10336) Drug Adjustment: Error when Adjusting by a Decimal


In the Drug Adjustment screen, if users tried to adjust the on hand quantity using a decimal, an error occurred.



Adjustments can now be made using decimals.

Defects Fixed

(10202) Receive Inventory: Error Message when Selecting Inventory Items


Errors were being displayed when making selections in the Receive Inventory screen.



These errors will no longer occur.


(10263) Return to Stock: Adding Inventory Back Twice


When scripts were returned to stock and placed on hold, the inventory for those scripts was being added back into the records twice.



When scripts are returned, the proper amount will now be added back to the inventory.


(10279) Entering a Hold Script causes Reduced Inventory


When a user entered a new script but placed it on Hold rather than filling it, the inventory was being reduced as if the script had been filled.



Scripts entered as "Hold" scripts will no longer reduce the inventory levels.


(10291) Drug Adjustment: Showing Wrong On Hand Quantity


The wrong On Hand Quantity was being shown in the Drug Adjustment screen.



The correct quantity will now be shown.

Defects Fixed

(10114) Patient Maintenance: Duplicate Addresses being Saved when Entering a New Patient


When users entered a new patient, they would enter an address and then save more information under other tabs. Saving and reloading the screen would cause additional addresses to be saved.



This has been corrected so that a new patient's information can be saved properly without creating duplicate information.


(10232) Drug Maintenance: Inventory and Pricing Information Not Shown


In the Drug maintenance screen, if users clicked on the Inventory or Pricing tabs, no information was being shown.



The correct data will now be shown under the Inventory and Pricing tabs.


(10233) Patient Maintenance: Picture Options Not Shown


In the Patient maintenance screen, if users clicked on the Picture tab, no information was being shown. There was no option available for adding a new picture.



The correct options will now be shown under the Picture tab.

Defect Fixed

(10292) Cannot Create New User


When users clicked on the Create New User option in the User Maintenance screen, nothing happened.



This has been corrected so that clicking on the button will open the "Adding New User" window.

Defects Fixed

(10251) Incorrect Script Error in Script Filling: "Dispense Quantity is More than Remaining Quantity in Script."


This error was being shown incorrectly in the filling screen.



The error will now be displayed only when it is warranted.


(10253) Unable to Close Surescripts Log Messages


The Close button on the Surescripts Log Messages window was not working.



This button will now work correctly and allow users to close the window.


(10256) Claim Override Pop-Up Covering Third Party Rejection Messages


The "Available Overrides" pop-up covered the rejection message, which did not allow the user to look at the message and enter the needed information in the window.



The Third Party rejection message will now show in the "Available Overrides" pop-up window. (Also, the Close button has been changed to Save and Close.)

Defects Fixed

(10260) (10240) (10247) Script Filling: Warnings Triggered Incorrectly


The following warning messages were being triggered incorrectly:

o"Script Already Filled Today"

o"Previous Fill Not Picked Up"

o"The Doctor name does Not Match the Name from the Order"

o"The Doctor DEA does Not Match the DEA from the Order"



These warnings will now appear only at the appropriate time.


(10248) Script Filling: Script Edits Not being Logged


Data logs were not being saved when scripts were edited.



Script edits will now be logged.


(10238) Auto-Print Label on Hold Scripts


A Workflow stage can be created to auto-print Hold scripts. Previously, if a script was put on Hold from the Claim Verify window, the script would be marked as being "Out of Workflow."



Now, when the script is put on Hold, it will trigger a "Script Held" Workflow event, so that it can be handled properly in the Workflow stage.


Additional Configuration: To set up an "Auto-Print on Hold" Workflow stage, you can create a stage with the Requirement of "Fill Held" and the Task of "Print Label (Non-Visual)." For more instructions on setting up Workflow stages, see the Workflow Setup chapter.


(10239) Claim Overrides: Errors when Trying to Add an Override After a Rejection

Problem: The system did not allow users to add more overrides to a claim that was rejected if the claim already had overrides applied to it. Initial overrides had to be deleted and all overrides had to be entered in one submission.


Solution: Additional overrides are now allowed.


(10245) Rx Orders: Hard Returns Causing SIGs Not to Display Fully on Labels

Problem: Previously, hard returns were preventing SIGs from being displayed fully on labels.



Hard returns will now be translated into spaces.


(10241) Rx Waiting: Problem with Automatic Patient Matching


Patients on orders were not being matched automatically with patients in the database.



Changes were made to ensure that patients will be matched correctly.


(10262) Claims Resubmitted Incorrectly after Script Edits


When users edited fields within a script, and the script already had a claim submitted for it, ProPharm would sometimes incorrectly resubmit the claim (even if the changes did not warrant resubmitting).



Changes have be made to ensure that claims will not be resubmitted when edits are made that do not warrant a new submission.

Features Added

(6787) Added Information to the Outgoing Transfer Window

New information has been added to the Transfer Out window in the Script Filling screen. The following information will now be shown:

oDoctor Degree

oDoctor State Number

oPrescribed Drug NDC

oRefill Quantity


Also, when you select multiple scripts to transfer and some of those scripts cannot be transferred, a reason will be given.


(6785) Added Automatic PMP Submission


Defects Fixed

(10007) Error when Attempting to Roll Over a Script


(10025) Rx Order Hard Copies Intermittently Printing a Blank Page


(10071) Scroll Bar Cutting Off Script Errors in Transfer In Panel


(10103) Refill Request Option Not Working

The Request Refill option in the Script Preview screen was not responding.


(10118) Problem with "Add New" Option for Insurance

When users tried to add a new insurance (or doctor, etc.) from the Script Filling screen, they would click on the plus icon to open the Maintenance window. The "Add New" option was being selected automatically in this situation, which caused errors if the user then tried to click on other tabs in the Maintenance screen without entering the new record's information. This has been changed so that, in this scenario, the Maintenance screen will act as if it is in "Edit" mode, allowing users to enter the information as needed without causing errors if all the information is not entered.


(10123) Claim Verify Window: Fixup Options for Card Holder ID and Group Number Only Submitting Changes for LAST Insurance

When verifying a claim that uses multiple insurance, the "Fixup" options for Card Holder ID and Group Number were only being applied to the last insurance in the list.


(10124) Tertiary Insurance does Not have an Edit Button

The pencil icon (for editing) that appears in each insurance field on the Script Filling screen was not being shown for Tertiary insurance.


(10147) Wrong Workflow Item being Selected in Rx Waiting

There were times when users clicked on an item in a Workflow stage and a different item would load in the filling screen. Changes have been made to the item lists so that the correct item can be selected every time.


(10169) When Texting a Patient, No Bubble Message was Shown to say the Message Was Sent

A bubble message will now appear at the bottom of the screen when a text message has been sent to the patient.

Defects Fixed

(9979) Error Message Causing Problems when Adding New Address in Patient Maintenance

Users received a Zip Code error when attempting to add a new address. This caused problems with adding and saving the record correctly.


(9983) Problem with Newly Added Insurance in Script Filling

In Script Filling, there was a problem with adding a new insurance by clicking on the pencil icon (the "edit" button) in the Insurance field. When users clicked on the "edit" option for the insurance and then added a new insurance in the pop-up, the new option was not appearing in the Insurance drop-down list.


(10024) Problems with Hard Copy of Rx Order

There were problems with the hard copy that was being printed when users processed Rx Orders. The Written Date was not being shown and the Directions were being cut off.


(10094) Rx Order Hard Copy: Intermittently Not Printing, Feeding Blank Page


(10026) Claim Verify: "Print Claim Response" Option Not Working

This has been corrected so that users can print the Claim Response from the Claim Verify window.


(10052) Claims Not Being Reversed Properly when Editing Scripts

There were problems with claims not being reversed correctly when users made changes to a script.


(10054) "Cancel" and "Refresh" Buttons Not Working when Submitting/Reversing Scripts

When a claim is being submitted or reversed, there are buttons available to "Cancel" the action or "Refresh." These options were not working correctly.


(10058) When a Claim is Rejected, ProPharm Should Not Show a Profit

Profits were being shown for scripts with rejected insurance claims. This has been corrected so that "N/A" will be shown in the Profit field if the claim has been rejected.


(10061) Claim Verify: Insurance and Profit Fields Not Adjusting when Editing Script

If users edited the insurance information for a script that had been submitted to an insurance provider, the Claim Verify window was not showing the change for the Insurance or Profit fields. This has been corrected so that the updated insurance information will be shown. The profit will be listed as "N/A" until the claim is submitted.


(10062) Price Formula Window Not Large Enough

The size of the Price Formula window has been increased so that the information is not broken between two lines.


(10066) Claim Verify: Unable to "Hold" Script

When users tried to place a script on Hold from the Claim Verify window, they were receiving errors stating that the "refill" could not be put on Hold (even if it was not a refill but an original script).


(10067) Claim Verify: Cleanup and Calculation Changes

The following adjustments have been made to the information that is shown in the Claim Verify window:

oRemoved "Total" as part of header for Copay and Profit

o"Copay" only shows last approved claim's copay amount

oAdded dashes to the Insurance phone number

oChanged the text "Add Insurance" to "Select Insurance"

oChanged the way buttons are handled when adding insurance to not stretch across the entire screen

oAdjusted the height of the claim record to handle inline search results better and not force users to scroll to the bottom

oFixed calculations to handle "Received Due" as a negative number

oAdded "Cardholder ID" and "Group Number" to the list of Fixup options

oChanged the way the back of insurance info "cards" are handled so the text is not cut off


(10081) Claim Verify: "Cancel" Button Changed to "Close"


(10082) Claim Verify: Price Formula Pop-Up Will Not Close

The Price Formula pop-up can now be closed by re-clicking the Price Formula button or by closing the Claim Verify window.


(10083) Claim Verify: Do Not Place "Hold" and "Edit" Buttons under Options Drop-Down

These options will no longer be hidden under the Options button.


(10087) Problems when Adding Secondary Insurance

The following changes have been made to improve the process of adding another insurance provider to a script:

oMade sure bills are ordered by sequence (Primary, Secondary, Tertiary)

oAdded a warning if the user tries to add an insurance to a verified claim

If the user does add insurance, ProPharm will make sure any necessary Workflow events are inactivated


(10110) HL7 ADT Interface Failing on New Patients