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ProPharm One+ can generate a variety of reports. To find the Reporting screen, click on the Tools menu item and select Reporting.


Each report has its own parameters and options. Any field in bold font is required for running the report.


Each user can mark any of these reports as a "Favorite" by marking the Favorite checkbox in upper left corner of that report's screen. (The list of Favorites will only apply to that specific user.) Users can then mark the Favorites Only checkbox in the report search panel to show only their Favorite reports in the list.


You can click on the Load Report button to view a report preview or you can click on the Print Report button to print the report.


The following reports are available within the Reporting screen.




Audit Log

Closing Report

DEA Journal

Deposit Slip

Drug Inventory

Drug Inventory History

Drug Profile Detail

Drug Usage

Drug Valuation

Drug Vendor Dispensing

Explanation of Benefit

Extended Script Journal

Fill by Patient

Fill Profit

Fill Signature Log

Hold Script Journal

Insurance Billing

Inventory Adjustment

Open Workflow Items

Patient Counseling

Patient Count

Patient Profile

Patient Receipt

Pharmacy Incident

Point of Sale Activity

Point of Sale Inventory

Point of Sale Inventory Profile

Point of Sale Transactions

Privacy Policy Signature Log

Pseudoephedrine Sales Log

Purchase Order

Refills Due

Revenue and Profit Summary

Rx Order

Sales By Patient

Sales Tax

Script Journal

Script Journal Summary

Script Reconciliation Due

Script Reconciliation Paid

Script Records

Scripts By Hour

Scripts By Insurance

Scripts By Insurance Plan

Transfer In

Transfer Out

Workflow Event Summary


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