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Return To Stock

If a script has not been picked up, you may need to return the drug quantity to your inventory. To do this, you can choose the Return To Stock option. This will either delete the fill or place the script on Hold. The drugs will be returned to your inventory.


1.In the Script Filling screen, select the correct patient in the search field. The patient's profile will open.

2.Choose the correct script from the list and click Preview Script. (If the script has multiple fills, the latest fill will be displayed and each of the previous fills for that drug will appear on the left side of the screen. You can click the smaller Preview button by each past fill to view it.)

3.Click on the Options button.

4.Select Return To Stock. The "Return to Stock" window will open, showing the fill's details.

5.Enter a Reason for returning the fill. (You can search for a reason in the Reason Code field or you can enter a free-text reason into the Reason field.)

6.You can also add any necessary Notes.

7.If you are returning an original script (rather than a refill), an Admin Date field will be available. This can be used when you are putting the script on "Hold." Click on the calendar button to choose the date that the patient plans to pick up the script.


When returning a refill, the fill will be deleted. When returning the original fill for the script, you have the option to delete the script or place it on Hold.


8.Text will be shown toward the bottom of the window stating what will happen to the fill after it has been returned (e.g., "Script will be placed on hold" or "Refill will be deleted").

If you are returning the original fill for the script (with a sequence number of zero), you will have the option to click on the Delete Script checkbox. The text next to this box will state "Entire script will be deleted." (If this box is NOT checked, the script will be placed on Hold.)


9.Click Return To Stock. The fill's drugs will be returned to your inventory. (If the script has approved claims that need to be reversed, the button will read Reverse Claims and Return To Stock. Any claims for this script will be reversed before it is returned to stock.)


You can also set up a Workflow stage to handle scripts that need to be returned.


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