Rx Numbering

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Rx Numbering

In the Rx Numbering screen, you can establish the pattern for script numbers in your system. This system will be the ongoing sequence for the script numbers within your pharmacy. To manage your script numbering system, click on the System menu item and select Rx Numbering. From here, you can click on the Create New Rx Numbering System option to set up a new Rx Numbering scheme.


1.Click on the System menu item.

2.Select Rx Numbering. The Rx Numbering System Maintenance screen will open.

3.Click on the Create New Rx Numbering System option.

4.Enter a Title for this numbering system.

5.If you want to use "leading zeros" in the script numbers (to make every number have the same number of digits) mark the Zero Filled checkbox.


Script numbers will be recorded as 8-digit figures. For the purpose of viewing script numbers, you can choose to display leading zeros before numbers with fewer than eight digits. By marking the Zero Filled option, you force all script numbers to display eight digits.


6.You will have the option to enter a prefix for numbers in your specific numbering sequences. To show these prefixes automatically, mark the Auto Prefix checkbox.

7.To use this numbering system, mark the Active checkbox.

8.Click Save. You have now created an overall numbering system. You can add specific numbering sequences by clicking on the Rx Numberings tab.

9.Click on the Rx Numberings tab and then click Add New. This will allow you to enter a specific numbering sequence.


Each numbering sequence you enter in the Rx Numberings tab can be used for different situations. For example, you might create a numbering sequence for normal scripts and another sequence for controlled substances. You could use a unique Prefix for each sequence to help tell the difference.


10.You can enter a Prefix to appear before the number. (Make sure the Auto Prefix option is checked in the Record Info tab.)


The Prefix field requires a value and the "#" symbol is used as a placeholder if no other prefix is selected (although it is NOT displayed on script numbers). If you want to use a prefix, replace the "#" symbol with something else. If you later decide that you want to remove the prefix from this numbering system, re-enter the "#" symbol.


11.If you want to use a different prefix for controlled scripts, enter this prefix in the Controlled Label field.

12.After entering the prefix for a given group, you may want to enter the numbers that will follow the prefix. Enter these in the Next Number field.

13.In the DEAs field, enter all the DEA Schedules that should be included in this numbering sequence.

14.To use this numbering sequence, mark the Active checkbox.

15.Click Save. You can add any other numbering sequences as needed.


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