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Rx Order Log

In the Rx Order Log screen, you can review the history of your electronic orders. This screen shows each message that has been sent for a specific order.



How Do I Find my Rx Order History?

What Information is Shown?



How Do I Find my Rx Order History?

To view the Rx Order History, follow the instructions below.


1.Click on the Tools menu item.

2.Select Rx Order Log. The Log screen will open.

3.By default, today's orders will be shown. You can click on any of the orders in the list to view details about the messages that have been sent or received.

4.To view the orders for a specific patient, type the patient's name into the Patient field.

NOTE: This field does not search the patient records in ProPharm. This is a free-text field, and corresponds to the Patient field in the XML message.

You can enter the patient's name in one of the following ways:

a.Last Name, First Name (using the comma to separate names)

b.First Name, Last Name (using the comma to separate names)

c.Last Name

d.First Name


5.If you are looking up a specific message and know the Message ID, you can enter it into the appropriate field.

6.If you want to view orders from a different date range, you can click on the Order Date drop-down and choose one of the options from the menu (This Week, This Month, etc.). You can also enter a custom date range by entering dates manually into the Start and Stop date fields.

7.When you are ready, click Load Logs.



What Information is Shown?

For each order, there may be several types of messages. Here are a few message types that might be associated with an order:


1.New Rx: The message that was originally received for this order.

2.Verify: The message sent by ProPharm One+ to verify that this order was received.

3.Pending: A message indicating that the order is waiting to be processed.

4.Refill Rx Approved: A message stating that a refill request has been approved.

5.Cancel Rx: A message sent by the doctor to cancel the script.


You can click on any of the orders in the list and then click on the buttons at the top of the screen to view the various messages that are associated with that order (New Rx, Verify, CancelRx, etc.). Message details are shown on the right side of the screen. To view the actual XML messages that were sent and received, click on the View XML Message button.



Each order's current status will be listed along with the date and time on the left side of the screen. The following statuses may be shown:

Waiting — The order is in the queue

Fulfilled — The order has been processed into a Script/Fill with an Rx Number (For a Cancel Message, "Fulfilled" means the cancellation has been processed and a response has been sent back.)

Void — This status is set when you void a New Rx or process an Rx Cancel Message related to an order


If an order has gone through the "Fix Up" process (matching the order information to a patient in your records), the patient's name will be shown on the order. If not, no name will appear for the order.


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