Filling Scripts

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Filling Scripts

The Script Filling screen contains a wide variety of options which allow you to fill scripts easily. The filling process is divided into separate tasks, each of which will be discussed in detail in this chapter. The following topics are covered in this section:



Entering a Patient

Finding a Script

Entering Dates

Entering Origin Information

Entering Insurance Information

Transferring Scripts

Entering Drug Information

GPI History

Dispense As Written (DAW)

Entering Quantities

Entering Directions


Entering a Doctor

Authorizing a Fill

Price Information

Capturing a Script Image

Adding Notes

Hold Scripts

Refilling Scripts

Previewing Scripts

oPrinting Labels

oDeleting Scripts

oReturn To Stock

oDiscontinuing Scripts

oRolling Over Scripts

oRequesting Refills

oProcessing Claims

oEditing Scripts

oViewing Workflow History



The filling screen can be found by clicking on the Script Filling menu item. In the Search Patient, Rx# field, search for the correct patient from your records. (If you don't see the search bar, click on the magnifying glass to open it.) Once you have selected a patient, the Patient Profile will appear.To begin entering a new script, click on the New Script button. (You can also Refill an existing script by entering a patient, selecting a script from the patient profile list, and clicking Fill Script.)


Separate sections are included (under the Previewing Scripts section) with instructions for, Editing, Deleting, and Discontinuing scripts. You can also Roll Over a script, Process third party claims and print Script Labels.