Transferring Scripts

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Transferring Scripts

From the Script Filling screen, you can choose to transfer scripts to another pharmacy or record a transfer from another pharmacy to your own. The Transfer in option can be used when filling a new script to record the correct transfer information. The Transfer Out option allows you to record the transfer of one or more scripts for a chosen patient to another pharmacy.



How Do I Perform an Incoming Transfer?

How Do I Perform an Outgoing Transfer?



How Do I Perform an Incoming Transfer?

To record the fact that a script has been transferred into your pharmacy, follow the steps below.


1.After you have selected a patient and begun filling a new script, click on the Origin drop-down and select the "Transfer In" option.

2.The Transfer In sidebar will display on the right side of the filling screen. Here you can fill in three sections of information; Other Pharmacy Info, Original Script Info, and Transferring details.


Other Pharmacy Info

3.In the Pharmacy field, begin typing the transferring pharmacy's name (or DEA, etc.) to start a search. (This is the pharmacy that is sending the script information to your pharmacy.) Select the correct pharmacy from the list of options.


To add a new Other Pharmacy, click on the plus (+) icon and then enter the new pharmacy's information. When you are done, click Save. You can also create new pharmacies in the Other Pharmacies maintenance screen.


4.Enter the name of the Pharmacist at the transferring pharmacy.

5.You can enter additional information in the Comments field.


Original Script Info

6.There are some options for the Original Script information.

a.Is PRN: You can mark this checkbox if the script is to be taken "as needed." If this option is selected, you will not need to enter refill information, etc.

b.Transfer Entire Script: This option should be used if the original fill was not completed at the Other Pharmacy. If the transferring pharmacy filled the original script, and your pharmacy is filling some (or all) of the refills, leave this box unchecked.


If the Is PRN option is selected, the Refills Authorized, Fills, and Total Quantity fields will be grayed out. If the Transfer Entire Script option is selected, the Fill Dates and Fills fields will be grayed out.


7.Enter the Rx Number for this script.

8.If this script was already filled at the Other Pharmacy, enter the Original Fill Date and the Last Fill Date.

9.Enter the number of Refills Authorized.

10.In the Fill Quantity field, enter the amount that is dispensed with each fill.



11.The Fills and Total Quantity fields refer to the number of fills transferred and the total amount that is being transferred to your pharmacy. The "Fills" represent all the fills that were NOT filled at the Other Pharmacy and will be transferred to yours. (So, if the Other Pharmacy filled the original script and there were 3 refills authorized, entering 3 "Fills" will mean that the first new fill will be completed at your pharmacy and have 2 more refills authorized.)


Unless the entire script is being transferred, the number of fills entered in the Fills field of the transfer window will often be one more fill than is shown in the Refills field of the filling screen. This is because when three refills (of the original script) are transferred, the first "refill" becomes the original fill at your pharmacy. The remaining fills will be listed as refills in your new script.


12.In the Received by field, enter the name of the pharmacist at your pharmacy that is handling this script.

13.Finish entering the script in the main portion of the filling screen, then click Save.



How Do I Perform an Outgoing Transfer?

To transfer scripts to another pharmacy, follow the instructions below.


1.Select a patient and choose a script from the patient's profile.


You can click on a script to select it. To select multiple scripts, first click on one of the scripts so that a checkbox appears on its left. When you mark this checkbox, checkboxes will also appear by the other scripts in the profile. Mark the checkbox next to each script that is being transferred.


2.After you have selected a script (or scripts), click on the Transfer Script button.

3.The "Transfer Out" window will open with the selected script(s) displayed.

4.For each script that is being transferred, click on the Select Script button at the bottom of the script information card. The card for the selected script will turn green.

5.If necessary, you can adjust the quantity that is being transferred. Enter the correct amount in the Qty to Transfer field for each script.

6.Go to the To Pharmacy field. Enter part of the external pharmacy's name (or phone number, etc.) to begin a search. (This is the "Other Pharmacy" that will be receiving the script.) Select the correct pharmacy from the list of options.


To add a new Other Pharmacy, click on the plus (+) symbol next to the To Pharmacy field. You can also create new pharmacies in the Other Pharmacies maintenance screen.


7.In the To Pharmacist field, enter the name of the pharmacist at the receiving pharmacy.

8.The current Date will be shown by default, but you can change the date if necessary.

9.Enter any necessary Comments.

10.In the Local Pharmacist field, enter your own name (the name of the pharmacist handling this script at your pharmacy).

11.You can mark the Print Report checkbox to produce a report of this transfer.

12.When you are ready, click on the Transfer Scripts button.


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