User Groups

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User Groups

User Groups are used in conjunction with your Security settings. You can assign your Users to particular Groups. Then you can set restrictions for what parts of ProPharm will be available for each Group. If you restrict a Group from a certain screen or task, each user in that Group will be restricted.



How Do I Add a User Group?

How Do I Attach a User to a User Group?

How Do I Restrict What Screens a Group can Access?



How Do I Add a User Group?

1.Click on the System menu item.

2.Select User Groups. The User Group screen will open.

3.Click on the Create New User Group option.


If you are not creating a new group but managing an existing one, search for the correct group in the Search User Group field.


4.Enter the Name of the new group.

5.If you want users in this group to be restricted from everything in ProPharm by default, mark the Restricted User Group checkbox. If this option is selected, users in the group will be restricted from all parts of the software. (To make exceptions, you can then go to the Security maintenance screen and enter specific Security Tags for any parts of the software you want these restricted users to be allowed to access. For more information on setting up Security Tags, please contact our support staff.) If you generally want users in the group to have access to the software, but only want to restrict them from a few features in ProPharm, leave this box unchecked.

6.The Password Require Expire Days determines how many days it will be before passwords expire for users in this group. When the expiration date is reached, users will need to update their passwords. When this same number of days passes again, the users will need to update their passwords again.

7.Click Save. Users can now be added to this Group under the Users tab.



How Do I Attach a User to a User Group?

1.Select the correct User Group.

2.Click on the Users tab.

3.Click Add New.

4.In the User field, search for the correct user. This user will be added to the selected group.

5.Click Save.


You can use Security Tags to restrict certain screens and tasks. You can restrict specific User Groups from accessing these parts of ProPharm. Any user that is attached to the restricted Group will be restricted from those parts of the software. (Please contact our support staff for more information on setting up security.)



How Do I Restrict What Screens a Group can Access?

Security settings work in conjunction with User Groups to decide which users have access to which parts of ProPharm. After you have set up a User Group, you can add that group to a Security Tag to limit the group's access to a part of the software. In the example below, a User Group is being restricted from accessing the Patient maintenance screen.


1.Click on the System menu item and select Security.

2.In the Security screen, use the search bar to find the correct Security Tag. (In our example, it would be the Patient/View tag. This tag will restrict users from opening the Patient maintenance screen.) The search toolbar will show any security tags that have already been set up for your system. If you need help setting up new security tags, please contact our support staff.

3.Click on the Permissions tab.

4.Click Add New.

5.In the User Group field, begin typing to search for the correct group. Choose the correct group from the search list.

6.To restrict users from accessing the screen (Patient maintenance in our example), leave the Allow Access box UNCHECKED. If you choose to grant access to this group later, you can come back and mark this checkbox.

7.Click Save.

8.Add any other User Groups that should be restricted from this part of the software.


You can add Security Tags for screens and tasks throughout ProPharm. Whenever you add a tag, you can choose which User Groups will be part of that restriction. (Please contact our support staff for more information on Security Tags.)



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