Using Credit/Debit Cards Checkout

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Using Credit/Debit Cards Checkout

When using the Checkout screen to complete a sale, you can select from a list of predetermined Payment Types. When completing a sale with a credit card payment type, follow the instructions below.


1.In the Checkout screen, select the correct sales item(s).

2.Click on the designated credit card payment type at the bottom of the screen.

3.A payment window will appear, allowing you to enter the Amount being paid.


If the patient already has a saved credit card on file, you can select the saved credit card from the list on the left side of the window. To enter new card information, select the Do not use saved card option.


4.You can manually enter the correct amount or click on one of the denominations listed in the payment window. (A partial amount can be entered if necessary, but a credit card payment cannot be greater than the amount that is due.)

5.When the correct amount has been entered, click on the Enter Credit Card button. (If you click on the green button that shows the exact amount of the transaction, you will not need to click on the Enter Credit Card button, but will proceed automatically with that amount selected.)

6.If this transaction is being completed with a saved credit card that was on file for the patient, the payment will be processed and you will be taken directly to the Transaction Results.

7.If a new card is being used for this transaction, the "Use Pin Pad Device" window will open.

a.On the card reader, the amount being charged will appear.

b.Insert the patient's card and follow the instructions on the card reader to complete the transaction. (Card information can also be entered manually from the card reader.)


If there is a problem with the card reader, you can click on the Process without card reader button in ProPharm and enter the credit card information manually.


8.When the transaction has been processed, the Transaction Results will appear on the workstation.

9.If the payment was approved, the approved amount will be shown along with a Description of "Approval." If the payment was rejected, a Description of the issue will be displayed.

10.If the patient's card information should be saved for future transactions, mark the Save this card for next time option.

11.If the transaction information is correct, click on the Accept button. (Otherwise, select Void.)

12.You will be returned to the main Checkout screen.

13.Click the Complete Transaction button.


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