Workflow by Item

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Workflow by Item

You can use this screen to locate a particular Workflow item (whether it is currently in Workflow or not) and run a selected Task. This may be particularly useful if an item has left Workflow and you need to select the item and run the "Return to Workflow" task.


1.Click on the Workflow menu item.

2.Select Workflow by Item. The "Run Workflow for Workflow Item" screen will open.

3.In the Workflow Item field, begin typing to search for the correct item. (You can search for a patient and select one of that patient's items or you can search by a specific script number.)


Please note that the item search will only show items from within the past year.


4.Click on the Task drop-down and select the correct task for the item. (For example, you can select an item that has left Workflow and then run the "Return to Workflow" task to place the item back in Workflow.)

5.When you have made your selection, click on the Run Task for Item button.


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