Workflow by Patient

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Workflow by Patient

Rather than looking at all the scripts that are in a particular Workflow stage, you can look at all of a patient's scripts and where they are in the Workflow process.



How Do I Complete Workflow Tasks for a Patient's Script?

How Do I Edit a Patient's Information?



How Do I Complete Workflow Tasks for a Patient's Script?

In the Workflow by Patient screen, you can view all the scripts a patient has in Workflow and complete the Tasks necessary to prepare those scripts for pickup.


1.Click on the Workflow menu item.

2.Select the Workflow by Patient option. The Workflow by Patient screen will open.

3.In the Search Patient field, type part of the patient's name to begin a search.

4.Choose the correct patient from the list of search results.

5.A list of the patient's scripts will be displayed. You can view each script's details and the Current Stage in Workflow where the script is being held.

6.The Next Task column will show the next step that needs to be completed for the script (e.g., Print Label). You can double-click on the script (or click on the Work Item button) to jump to that Task.

7.The Task screen will open, allowing you to print a label, check the NDC, etc. Complete the Task as needed.

8.You will be returned to the Workflow by Patient screen and the script will show the new Task that it is ready for. In this way, you can complete all the necessary Tasks for each of the patient's scripts.



How Do I Edit a Patient's Information?

After you have opened the Workflow by Patient screen, you can edit the patient's account if necessary. You can also send the patient a text message about his or her scripts.


1.In the Workflow by Patient screen, locate the patient's information "card" in the upper left corner of the screen. (This will show the patient's name, date of birth, etc.).


If there are any notes attached to this patient's record, the number of notes will also be listed. You can click on notification to view the patient's notes.


2.Click on the arrow to flip the "card." From here, you can:

a.Click Edit to make adjustments to the patient's records (Address information, Allergies, etc.).

b.Click Message to send a text message to the patient. (You will need to ensure that a texting phone number has been added.)

c.Click Profile to view the patient's profile.


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